Colin Gordon-Farleigh
Colin Gordon-Farleigh
Colin Gordon-Farleigh

One More Dance

album: I Only See You
genre: Bluegrass
streams: 10
creation date: 2023-04-16

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One More Dance If the angels came and told me I was wanted up above I’d say just wait a moment Whilst I spend it with my love. I would beg them for a little...
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Lyrics by Colin Gordon-Farleigh & Music by Ginny Peters
One More Dance
Colin Gordon-Farleigh
04/17/23 05:33:55AM @colin-gordon-farleigh:
Thank you for your comments Tristyn, much appreciated.
04/17/23 04:58:08AM @tristynleach:
Sweet and nice waltzing country ballad, i like the traditional sound and style of the recording and the music is really tastefully made and performed, nice song


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