Colin Gordon-Farleigh
Colin Gordon-Farleigh
Colin Gordon-Farleigh

Storm Clouds Are Gathering

album: Dreams of a Dreamer
genre: Bluegrass
streams: 19
creation date: 2023-04-17

  Song Lyrics
Storm Clouds Are Gathering Storm clouds are gathering around me, Raindrops are drowning my pain; Now my heart’s split in two ‘Cos I’m losing you ─ I’ve lost...
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Words & Music by Colin Gordon-Farleigh
Storm Clouds Are Gathering
Colin Gordon-Farleigh
04/17/23 05:35:15AM @colin-gordon-farleigh:
Many thanks, your comments help to make what I do worthwhile!
04/17/23 04:46:06AM @tristynleach:
A really nice country folk number, sad lyrics but it's such a nice feel good song with its light style and the really great backing music of fiddles. great production and very enjoyable to listen too.


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