Darren Holland Project
Darren Holland Project

Planet Pain

album: Single
genre: Rock
streams: 20
creation date: 2023-02-07

  Song Lyrics
Welcome here to planet painHope I never come againA smile on your watch and chainShivers running through your veinsWelcome to planet painWelcome here to...
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 Planet Pain is about the struggle of mental health, addiction, and going through this world without falling apart. We are sending the radio edit version. It...
Planet Pain
02/15/23 11:31:12AM @josephrodz:
I like that kind of music to go from one place to another listening to it, at 80mph
tony cee
02/12/23 02:33:39PM @tony-cee:
nice rocker love the bass well mixed spot on ........cheers tony cee
02/08/23 04:15:48PM @bustert:
Beautifully strict and consistent with a very own character in the voice - skin further in!
Farrell Jackson
02/08/23 12:42:02PM @farrell-jackson:
I heard this last night on DJ Blackwater Bowes' step-in show and it totally rocks! It was cool to find out that JenCat is featured on the vocals. She brings the goods to the show, love those ending screams. Excellent music, recording and mix Darren!


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