Darren Holland Project
Darren Holland Project

Come Down

album: Single
genre: Rock
streams: 14
creation date: 2023-09-16

  Song Lyrics
Come Down Oh she said it's big and empty as she's biting off her nails Tells me in the future we'll know when were impaled Life took all the fortune...
  Song Information
Come Down from the mania, Come Back from the pain
Come Down
tony cee
09/20/23 03:03:48PM @tony-cee:
this is funky , got that grove , superb .......cheers tony cee
09/18/23 01:47:17PM @jimsae:
Another great one, Darren! The guitar work is funky-cool! A great mix and production, too. Smart arrangement, and tasty vocals/lyrics!
Farrell Jackson
09/17/23 09:45:29AM @farrell-jackson:
This song has a great groove Darren. It's kind of funky and bluesy but has plenty of rockin' sensibility to it. Cool vocals and words. The outro lead guitar is tasty. Nicely done.


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