Darren Holland Project
Darren Holland Project


album: Single
genre: American Dreamers
streams: 9
creation date: 2024-01-22

  Song Lyrics
I will be your concubineYou help me to escapeHow can you say, life's divineIn the end just shove a needle through my brainDoYou BleedToJust like I do Just...
  Song Information
The song is about the moment between life and death. Living with a terminal illness. Life is so fragle. 
Rob Grant
01/24/24 09:51:15PM @rob-grant:
Pretty much the world!! Great song, vocals, and lyrics.
01/23/24 01:33:04PM @mizieya:
refreshing track in the sense that its punk moving lyrics great track and loving the female vox i enjoyed muchly


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