The Other Side

album: Dazed, Floridamusic and Warren Peese
genre: Rock
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now and then I hear her voice as she whispers in my ear haunting me driving me to the brink of insanity what does she want how can I get through to her and...
The Other Side
09/13/10 09:25:01AM @mark-reed:
Another of your numbers which delivers in just about every aspect of quality I can think of. I've heard a lot of your work over these last couple of weeks. The last one was to me an all time brilliant number, This is equally as good. The question I have is why are you not doing this as a profession. Your that good, Brilliant song
12/30/08 11:33:35PM @the-autumleaf:
Great Song!!!! Love the Guitars both the leads and the back up....reminds me of the greats.. and Vocals Stellar!!I have always felt that the best guitar player plays the best connections..thats exemplified here ...Not to leave the drums which is really very well done...Great Feel through out....
My best regards
Jay from The Autumnleaf

01/16/08 07:18:43AM @the-deep:
oopss,, 'tangible',, not tabgible.
01/07/08 11:25:07PM @brian-mattson:
Absolutely great spacial quality to this track. Almost a Pink Floydish production/chordal structure to it. Everything sounds so big!!!! Vocals ... spot on, drums are perfect, guitar is stunning, organ sounds great, and the bass just grounds the whole thing. Oh yeah, I don't usually catch the lyrics the first time around, but these are so clear they just drew me in. BRAVO BRAVO! I love it.
Luca Wulf
12/06/07 02:25:47PM @huge-artist:
Nice lofi intro there on the guitar...
The into full floydian soundscape.
But you know,the funny thing is,that although we call it floydian,it really isn't.
It just something the brain does to try and lable and store for reference points.
In fact,stepping back,dropping those kind of easy tags,it becomes a thing unto itself.
And,if we cannot live without the "Sounds like",then I think Floyd is no bad choice to sound like...
What we have actualy is a very beautifuly played and crafted epic song.
The musicanship is on the money.
No aspect of it feeling either weak or overdone.
Vocals were really good in this one guys,but that is not to say anything was lesser,just as the main focus for the music,they did it fo me.
A MOST enjoyable listen...
If I had one thing left on my mind it would be...
"Am I listening to an edited version of a much larger song"
because every musical instinct I have tells me that the song was just about to go skywards with lead when it went nito fade out.


01/16/08 07:17:24AM @the-deep:
This music, upon hearing it, it fills me with a feeling-- now that's cool,, when the very sound and movement of a composition creates tabgible feelings stirring in a soul.

Todd-- your vocal is precious. There is something very,,, true about your singing. My brain fully accepts your voice,, in contrast to various male vox i have heard on other OMD's, where the situation is,, the singer is good,, he has a good voice also,, but somehow,, it doesn't set with my mind. it sounds somehow,, pretentious or ,, wannabe.

This has never been the case with Dazed's vox. To my mind your singing always comes straight across as ,, The Real Deal.

The music here is liquid and fine. - Also made me file like Pink Floyd re-born.

Dazed, i just found a note where you sent me a 'hope your having a nice Christmas' . I'm late ,,but thanks for the thought !!! - actually,, i'm still stone drunk from our big Christmas BASH !!! not really -- just kiddin,, i don't drink at all actually,,, hmmm ,, now where did i leave that bong? LOL

On some other OMD sites, i have had a listen to various tracks that come on,, and suddenly you are haersing You see, many times when i hear a track come

11/29/07 06:04:59PM @mike-lockett:
Great Floyd-like style. I love this song! The arrangement is strong. This is an all-around excellent track.
11/29/07 12:01:01PM @our-blue-moon:
Very nice !! This is one of the best you guys have.

My compliment to the vocals and writers. Im glad to see more players in the floydish vein. We really tend to enjoy that aspect as well.

This was just a great layering of the sounds. Im very impressed at the feel of this one.

11/16/07 12:25:24PM @ab1:
yes.. me too.. I like everything about this one.. great intro.. floydishly stylish but also very gritty.. sorry D.. I'm new here.. who's that singin? I LOVE it.. great singin.. and then the guitar.. what a brilliant tone mang.. very tasty playing.. it really matches the music.. it supports the song.. which here is really the focus.. a very fine song.. it's got soul bros.. I
think at least a 5.. :-)

Rob Grant
11/13/07 05:34:23AM @rayon-vert:
Ok, second listen.........and I stand my original thoughts, Yes, very Pink Floyd, but the mood I really get is Captain Beyond............kind of a Starglow Energy feel. This is an EXCELLENT track, just too short :-)


11/10/07 09:32:01PM @lex-zaleta:
Wondrously crafted! You have managed to gather a dazzling array of fine artists here, and you also manage to continue to produce fine songs yourself, songs like "The Other Side." This has choice instrumentation, very solid songwriting, and top-of-the-line vocals - and the production values are right up there with the performances. High marks!
11/10/07 07:02:33PM @skin-deep:
very nice mixture of influences. great mix. great playing.
very clean and clear mix. vocals are very well done too. I dig it.


11/06/07 10:57:35PM @ace-layton:
Tastey intro reminds me of Pink Floyd, then moves right into a delightful rock ballad form with fine vocals (nice effects too), Of course if "I" were mixing this, I'd have that organ brought up front a little more - but then I always say that! Perfect mix, really!


09/01/07 12:34:52PM @padraig-devers:
10/10, great tune. Best vocal performance I've heard in ages by anyone.
05/17/07 07:33:52PM @stratoace:
some very good music,,
Paul Michael
04/03/07 02:44:10PM @paul-michael:
Agreed! Very nice!
02/05/07 04:42:17PM @michael:
man this is such a cool song ..i must have listend to it 20 times
love the feel of it has an old zepppelin feel to me
love it :)

12/22/06 03:38:31AM @robert-smith:
This is great. Such a dreamy sound and production. I agree with the other comments, you three are a great combination!

Keep it up

12/18/06 04:40:10PM @uphill7876:
This is an excellent song. Very Pink Floyd-ish.


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