The Mirror Never Lies

album: Shadows In Light
genre: Rock
streams: 826
creation date: 2006-03-24

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This was a song for the GuitaristWorks Acoustic-Electric song submissions.
The Mirror Never Lies
06/03/06 08:58:39AM @george-shepherd:
Good Rocker.....guitar kicks butt....
09/27/10 06:12:50AM @eshar:
I loved the vocals and the lyrics...and I thought this was a first class production. Very good.
08/24/10 11:25:37AM @mark-reed:
Second track from the same time, this is what I'm used to hearing from you. This has quality from note one to finish. I'm really digging deep today but coming up with pure gold. This really is a cracker
Incarnate Word
03/17/10 09:39:21AM @incarnate-word:
Excellent Rock man. legendary arrangement I can really hear the influences you listen to. If I am not mistaken we have similar taste. excellent production and mix. great Job.
06/05/09 01:50:11AM @anaji:
3rd song and I already have huge expecations of what I'ma hear from you later.

Again, the music for this one's amazing and the concept's great.



05/26/09 01:39:27PM @deacon-gene:
Yo Dazed, Man your stuff keeps getting better and better.
The writing and production on this one is excellent.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
Cheers - DG

Luca Wulf
01/16/08 09:30:30AM @huge-artist:
Had been doing vids all day so had my system cranked,and that intro certainly cleared the cobwebs away.
Great guitar tone,warm yet powerful.
IMHO,you are one almighty vocalist mate,every song I hear,I just love your vocals more and more.
As an over all,great song writing.
AWESOME lead work,solid bass and drums,very nice touches with the slide.
GREAT hook.
Solid gold.

12/05/07 06:19:39PM @shane:
Okay,, the track starts out sounding OK,, in a good way,, but then ,, at about 0:30 ,, it takes hold and in fact a tremendous , tremendous rock track appears.

Dazed,,,!!!! awesome vocal. You 've got a pro sound here that feels like the great legend rock bands. Your voice here reminded me of stuff i might hear from Dokken. Or FM.. .

Really gorgeous voice here man. Great guitars chordsand sounds.

Very admirable talent , passion , and production. i have to dwnld it. (that,, downloading it... says more than paragraphs of rosy words).

congrats -- seriously.

08/07/07 09:43:49PM @diva:
This is a great song -- a bit edgy and a haunting feel on the vocals. I like the backup vocals interplaying with the lead vocals. Nice.


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