Can't Escape the Rain

album: Dazed
genre: Rock
streams: 1,512

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you treat love like it doesnt exist you steal hearts like the prince of thieves but you never dreamed of being the one that has their heart torn apart  you...
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Part Of the GuitaristWorks Acoustic-Electric Song Submissions. This tune was a blast!
Can't Escape the Rain
11/26/18 08:36:06AM @blacksxord:
Huge fan of your music Dazed! Love your vocals tones...you delivery accurate details in every song you do! Wicked stuff!
Lyrical Princess
10/01/15 06:06:42PM @lyrical-princess:
Wow Todd.. I had no idea that you could sing like this. Lol ~ j/k ;) I have always liked your vocals. I wish you had time for a collaboration, and I had the talent to write as good as you. I love the lyric.. This is another wonderful track... Great song and music... Awesome production! Adding it to my faves :) 5***** + Thx for the D/L
09/30/15 08:44:20PM @uberthrall:
Great vocal melodies in this one. The production is excellent as well as the guitar work. Really enjoying your stuff......very nicely done.
09/15/10 02:16:54AM @jusananomaly:
so digging your music, even just randomaly picking songs I find a winner everytime. cool beans.
08/04/10 05:15:38PM @michael-frazier:
Love this tune Dazed. Everything fits so well and is so smooth. The backups could be a little cleaner or louder - they sound a bit distant and unclear to me. Very cool groove. Thanks for the listen.
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 08:26:54PM @incarnate-word:
Excellent production. very level mix. Vocals are sharp and the atmosphere is spot on. Great Job. This tune is very cool it has a vary 80's feel. a great 80's feel. Guitar has killer tone and lyrics fit musical style perfectly. Great Job.
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 08:26:36PM @incarnate-word:
Excellent production. very level mix. Vocals are sharp and the atmosphere is spot on. Great Job. This tune is very cool it has a vary 80's feel. a great 80's feel. Guitar has killer tone and lyrics fit musical style perfectly. Great Job.
11/10/09 01:30:58PM @the-righteous-blues-band:
I really like this song. Good vocals, great guitar playing and tone.
08/03/09 04:06:28PM @zeropage:
Great intro on the accoustic gutar ... and a fab tune alltogether! lots of well effected guitars pleasing to my electronic ears ;) the arrangement is what i call musical quality! could go on longer, but listening multiple times is the best option anyways.
Farrell Jackson
04/29/10 12:10:03PM @farrell-jackson:
Can't Escape The Rain....I don't know how I missed this one Dazed? Great sounding guitars and vocals! Reminds me a little of Brian Adams style (a compliment). The octave guitar riff was a nice touch! Excellent backing vox with the countering parts. Nice production on this one!


06/19/09 02:32:05PM @vesa:
Co-incidence after 5 weekdays, our weekend is a rainy one..oh well,... love getting wet (lol). Love the vocals right off the top. Really good guitars' artistry; & letting your vocals stand out well; like the exchange back of the other vocal. Nicely emphasized. Very EXCELLLENT guitar playing; love the doubling of those riffs; sends shivers up my back, clever idea. btw good lyrics...genuinely well written & again such a fine singing. Good percussion alsoi indeed. Worth more listens.
SUPERB composition Dazed. Love this one.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

12/15/08 07:08:11PM @tdelecce:
Love the bass on this one. Really reminds me of a Richard Marx track. Good production and vocals again are excellent well Richard Marx excellent.

I liked the lyrics and the title drew me to this one. Nice lead work. Overall a good listen top to bottom.

10/31/08 01:24:55AM @the-autumleaf:
Great Feel and Lovely Vocals ............ Loved the Back up and Production here Short and sweet leads ...so that it doesnt take away the highlight of the song the Super Vocals ....Great classic rock song Enjoyed it


Jay From The Autumnleaf

10/11/08 01:10:14PM @big-daddy-cee:
sweet track.....really nice axe work here.....and well sung too....production-wise just about perfect....(secret...I have a thing for songs about rain....lol)....again....really great track.


09/27/08 02:19:03PM @terry-ponder:
Dazed I love this one, I love the subtelness in the rythem an the vocals blend with the melody so well. this is an awesome song. Great work my friend, absolutly fantastic.


09/17/08 04:13:56PM @jkondrak:
Very good job top to bottom. Radio ready.

This song is an example of how writing reviews on music sites can be a challenging task, because the variety of skill levels, talent and experience affect what's meaningful to focus on in a review.

In the case of this song, saying that it's well arranged, features skillful instrumentation, and is also produced nicely, is an accurate statement. But, I arrived at that easily and almost instantly, so it almost seems like a given. I believe you have achieved a level where I have to look deeper, or think more like a professional critic to go any farther than that. For this song, I do believe that a certain character & mood are successfully achieved by the playing and vocals. So, in that sense it does simply feel like a good modern rock song. If I had any critiques, I think they would be trivial and purely aesthetic, which the sign that this song represents a high-level of achievement.

Good job - I will return again.


terry Martin
09/01/08 02:06:59AM @terry-martin:
Hey Dazed this is a really good groove man I love the lyrics and guitar work is awesome. It also has a really good flow to it musicly. I liked the guitar solo in it as well....

Terry Martin

07/13/08 09:18:28AM @bf-baker:
This song's hook is exceptional. As mentioned previously here, I too love how the lead vocal plays off the background vox in the chorus. I think the overdrive on the rhythm guitars is a good choice as it gives the song added power. The production reminds me a bit of Alan Parsons Project.
Luca Wulf
06/18/08 02:17:49PM @huge-artist:
I guess you must get tired of me talking about your voice in every song huh?
Well,tough :)
I cannot help it,it's there everytime you start to sing...
I just go:"Damn,what a voice"
Big,powerful production,very very full indeed.
Some very very nice guitar work,from brooding to the twin leads.
Thunderous bass end.
Another great hook in the song,more than just the chrous,it's the whole feel as opposed to sing "X" repeatedly.
Very nice back up vocals as well.
Yep,all in all is yet another very tasteful,and thoughtful composition,and like all good songs,it feels like it ends too soon.
Greatly enjoyed.


03/10/08 10:40:55AM @ty-larson:
hey man, you got a great sound here. keep up the good work!!
bill b
03/22/08 06:05:39PM @bill-b:
I like this song - nice MOR rock- good lyrics and great rythym guitar sound and progression. There may be a bit too much processing on the vocals but that may be just my ears as Im used to a more "raw sound".
01/26/08 08:23:37PM @lex-zaleta:
BIG PRODUCTION! Another top contender for "best of" in all categories. Top singing (as good as anything that's been a hit in the past forty or so years), excellent playing, and solid production - together they make this a chart topper. QUALITY!
01/21/08 09:43:39AM @brian-mattson:
Clean and spacial sounding! You always have the greatest production values!! Excellent song that is perfect in so many ways.
01/16/08 07:33:51AM @the-deep:
Another WINNER !!! Dazed,, this production is ACE.

One feed back reaction though,, next time you pull this project up, you might want to try to do something with the Guitar that comes in at 0.44.

You see,, as the track commences, the sound you've got is absolutely pro industry. The tones and all strike me as perfect as what would come from the likes of EMI,, however , at .44 ,, the guitar distortion , to my ears is too trebbly and scratchy. If you can find some way to model that tone and get it more full and not so scatchy- then this whole track in my humble opinion will be 100% there.

I love the vocal!! and the acqustic gtr.

If ,, my note about the scratchy tone on the electric guitar is wrong,, then ignore me. I've advised my wife and kids to maintain a certain policy toward me ,, and that is,, -- IGNORE WHEN NECESSARY. - LOL

08/15/07 08:07:34PM @stratoace:
WOW!! this is very good..voxs are most cool..the mix was clean and full..a very good song..
12/18/06 04:44:57PM @uphill7876:
Very hypnotic. To me it sounds more like Steve Miller vocal wise. I agree the lead is a little lacking, but nicely done. Great song to put in the player on a long cruise.

Keith Goguen
09/16/06 09:55:16AM @keith-goguen:
Nice! Excellent job on this one guys. Nice and full, good driving tune. Thanks for posting. keep em coming. Cheers
08/28/06 05:32:37PM @zac-sondy:
I hear some Steely Dan in the vocals as well. Maybe it is the production. In any event, the song is wonderful in all aspects (vocal melody, arrangement, tones, etc). Who did the vocals on this?
08/18/06 03:06:59PM @chrickon:
Great song guys ! Love it
Simon Trowel
08/15/06 05:14:40AM @simon-trowel:
From Simon Trowel:-
Why do these vocals remind me of Phil Collins so much, anyway they do! They are so good!
Intro was a very pleasant sounding 12 string with drums sounding extremely crisp.
I felt the backing vocals could have been a little louder but perhaps its just my cloth ears?
I didn't like the guitar solo very much, it seemed to lack that egde that was needed on a song like this.I tend to think of the band Journey or other classic rock bands that use a guitar break to make a statement.This small piece did not, but then that was such a small part of this cleverly written song.
To sum up, great song, great recording guitar solo needs work..........Simon Trowel.

08/14/06 09:51:53PM @oldsneakers:
Excellent song Dazed. Well written, played and produced.
08/13/06 06:39:15PM @raz:
Dazed, This the third time I have tried to write a review on this song. I love the guitar arrangements and the gutar tones. The production is supurb as is the vocal. All the best, Raz
10/20/06 03:03:24PM @strum:
This is one of my faves!


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