Desperate Man - with Bri-an

album: Collabs
genre: Acoustic Rock
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creation date: 2008-03-11

  Song Lyrics
Desperate Man you've got your life, and it is hanging by a string tired of searching for that lost american dream times are tight and money is running low...
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Thanks for checking out the tune everyone! Credits: Bri-an - Drums, cool intro solo guitar and some backing vox Dazed - Bass, Guitar and Vocals
Desperate Man - with Bri-an
carol sue
10/20/17 04:16:17PM @carol-sue:
You should make a little "Mixposure classic" logo!
This song would have one! :)

Piyali & Abyss
12/19/15 11:56:07AM @piyaliabyss:
great sounding track !!!
10/04/15 10:25:43AM @uberthrall:
Very nice song. Great vocal performance here. Very nice arrangement and nice production too.
10/28/13 03:13:38PM @humachine-zone-music-inc:
always great work from you...
Brett Service
10/15/13 10:36:31PM @brett-service:
Great high-energy song. Really like how the song builds. Everything from the instrumental parts to the vocals are extremely well done. Keep Rockin'!
John R. Kennedy
09/15/13 11:10:13PM @john-r-kennedy:
Great sound to this one. Nice arrangement, instrumentation, vocals, lyrics and one very nice mix. Great work. Bravo!!

Peace and Blessings, John

04/06/09 10:28:54PM @mark-reed:
11/28/11 10:10:18PM @david-c-deal:
I have heard this song so many times but never officially commented on it. This is one of the very best indie songs I have ever listened to. It's one of those songs that just ripens with repetitions...a true work of musical art and craftsmanship.
05/20/11 11:06:35PM @gary-powers:
06/13/11 09:32:10PM @dazed:
12/31/10 02:55:06AM @mellow-d:
...smooth vocal track here, in between bri-an's drums, the changes, distortion this truly has a great amount of technique and creativity.. rock on!!
12/15/10 08:46:28AM @tdelecce:
Hi Dazed,
Desperate is excellent. Musically/lyrically and the vocals really shine. Reminds me of Spooky Tooth meets Bryan Adams. Drums, guitar work excel and I think the vocals are the real carrier here as they are so well done. Great collab guys.

09/27/10 12:31:07AM @cooter:
Listening right now on the radio. Such a powerful song. And beautifully done. Thanks for sharing this, Dazed and Bri.
09/15/10 02:08:01AM @jusananomaly:
nice to hear the master rocking out...very cool..you've got an great voice..you did think i would do my homework right?? lol.your soo cool. thumbs up. AJ
Neil Benton
07/11/10 07:07:33PM @neil-benton:
Excellent track mate!

I really like the punchy vocals and the clever backing - and here was me thinking you just did the admin stuff!?!.

I have a listen to some more and leave you more kudos no doubt!


04/24/10 10:22:56PM @spud:
Awesome sound. The progression of the song is right on
the money...and your vocals rich and true to the lyrics.
Great piece, guys. Cheers, Spud.

Incarnate Word
03/10/10 01:56:31AM @incarnate-word:
I know I have done reviews on this piece before But I freaking really can relate to this. there was a time in my life when I thought I was going to have to resolve to desperate means to feed my family. Yes I have been this man before. excellent man and very emotional for me every time I listen to this. Desperation is always just one step behind and if we slip it may just be the step that starts it all. Excellent . Fantastic Job. Incarnate Word.
Lonesome wolf
03/09/10 10:23:10PM @paul-grimwood:
DESPERATE MAN...The start kinda reminded me of the Ozark mountain daredevils,and thats a GREAT band to be reminded of.
Wonderful vocals..beautiful guitar sound,and the chorus??won me over Totally.

05/15/10 04:44:46AM @chris-hall:
Woah! This is great! Awesome production on this! Love the vocals...i like the structure of this...feels liek a propper song :)

That Acoustic sounds bloody brilliant! haha

Great tune!


01/24/10 09:22:25PM @piperon:
WOW! 103 reviews, you must be kidding me. But definitely you deserve this high amount of reviews. This is powerpack stuff, very very outstanding and inspiring, any person would relate to the lyrics itself already. And your power voice is really bringing out the essence of a hard rock song, love it very much. And the arrangement (the addon) was so perfectly done, like they are match for each others. Thanks to Brian, very skillful artist.

PS : I am not moving, please don't kill me! But I can't put my hands in the day otherwise how can I type this message? LOL! Luckily, it is a unloaded gun.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

11/30/09 07:03:32PM @ed-drury:
Wonderful story telling, great vocals - very strong track. I really like the dynamics vocal, gives it a nice emotional accent to the story line. Very polished production, experience pays nice dividends when you have two people who really understand recording collaborating. Every touch is purposeful and set just right in the mix.
11/27/09 04:44:58PM @henry-tarnecky:
Dazed and Bri-an, I like this one cause the emotional vocals are right there in front hangin out on your sleeves so to speak... fitting for a desparate man.... nice opening acoustic amd then the drivng chords, and support drums/bass/keys ... plus the chorus has the needed energy dudes! My favorite line is "put the money in the bag"

just found my way out of the TCP studio wood work so to speak... henry

The Rascal Theorist
11/23/09 11:45:42PM @the-rascal-theory:
Dude i have been sleeping on this one....whoa what a ride! The vocal is awesome and the guitar work is off the chain....good show sir, good show
11/11/09 09:06:04AM @marc-morlock:
This is a "Great" song
I love the sound of the ----"Vocals"----

11/10/09 01:24:07PM @the-righteous-blues-band:
Cool song, great acoustic playing and tone.
10/17/09 09:13:11AM @the-jet-black-project:
Nice production. You have a great voice. Like the outro.
Farrell Jackson
04/29/10 11:49:25AM @farrell-jackson:
Desperate Man....great sound on the drums Bri_an! Dazed the vocals do well at getting the emotional aspect of the lyric across to the listener (me lol). The lyric is very fitting for this ugly, lingering recession we are in which makes people do ugly things. Well done all around guys!


Luca Wulf
10/02/09 04:12:47PM @huge-artist:
Well as you are too lazy to make new music I revisit an old fav :)

Which actually is a part of my philosophy,I detest the inbuilt shelf life of music on OMD's (No offence to anyone)
But here is my case in point.

Why shouldn't a song like this go into people's lives the way songs have entered our lives from bands like Zeppelin and all the others?

All it takes is for a song to resonate.
Indeed,if it doesn't resonate,then what is it's purpose?

Some music is good to wreck rooms to,get drunk to,smile laugh to,dance to,sit and think with.
This one?...

This one makes me think.
It seems to em with this current global climate,entirely man made by BIG business to make even more money both and out of it,this song fits today's mood.
That quiet desperation of the unknown millions,living complex lives with circumstances they don't always control.
They needed a song,and this one should suffice.

It's a beautiful collab guys.
I hope it stands for decades.


09/24/09 11:25:03PM @omegamon:
yeah, man, i loved this from those first backwards notes...serious performance and a great song...great hook man, trippy vibe on the chorus, cool blend of a lot of different vibes here dude...got to definitely come back for a second listen fo sure...thanks for sharing this great track!

09/09/09 01:01:54AM @franknbass:
Well written, well performed, great melody and vocals. This is a pleasure to listen to. It is going with me. Thanks
Frank Henderson

08/20/09 10:13:36AM @vesa:
I dig that warbling effect in the start, A phrase that reminds me of a G. Harrison sound, forgot where I heard it, anyway no matter. Good singing, very fine range, right up front. Great bright guitar sound.
Sounds cool. Like the easy listening chord progression. Fine keyboard work. Good lyrics, a story told well, relates to the disposition of the common man. Very EXCELLENT tune. Well arranged. Love that 'eastern' ending sound. Like this Dazed.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

Carl Schonbeck
06/27/09 02:21:22AM @carl-schonbeck:
Yeah, definitely some timely stuff. Really liked how the keys came in during the second verse and those sad ringing guitar chords. Vocal top notch. A melancholy pleasure.
06/05/09 01:39:29AM @anaji:
wow. easily the best song i've heard in mixposure so far. A huge reason obviously being the message. It relates to everyone that knows how it is to not have the luck even when it comes almost essential in surviving.

And the music does amazing with backing it up, every detail, every sound. Simply brilliant.


05/14/09 12:22:28PM @tlt50:
I've enjoyed this track many times..I can't belive I haven't left a comment. A treasure of a song....superbly written and performed. Dazed....amazing vocals... and Brian's drum work is flawless.Fantastic production....AWESOME in every way !!!

Larry T *****

05/14/09 11:59:00AM @bri-an:
....Just a word of thanks Dazed for letting me partake in what i thought was a great structured and lyrically written song to begin with,.. when i heard it (in the draft stage) the message stood out very clearly to me. It was easy to envolve myself as the getta-way driver in this toon, as all the elements were there for the taking...
Again, my thanks DaZeD. b. :)

Burning Red Sun
05/06/09 07:59:51PM @burning-red-sun:
Damn you got a lot of reviews..haha! This is a great track...the lyrics certainly hit home in these times plus any colab with Bri-an has to be a winner!...Ken
09/04/09 02:55:32PM @bigpete:
again a great vocal performance supported by solid arangments, but the vocals is always the star
Farrell Jackson
05/05/09 11:32:20AM @farrell-jackson:
Exellent song, story, and vocal performance Dazed! Brian's drums are always so alive as they are here. The subtle key adds are mixed just right. A great listen!


05/02/10 05:20:46PM @mark-cloutier:
Oh my apologeeze if i missed this--Bri-an and Dazed 2 great people and musicians--This is everything i thought it would be--beautifully done heavy at times and dynamic when it needs to be!!! Great song and cheers!!!!!!!!!! Read the lyrics--very powerful!!
user image
03/27/09 02:00:23PM @:
Nice tune. Great arrangement and the vocal tone is superb. Really enjoyed the listen.
03/19/09 09:19:47PM @dazed:
03/09/09 05:11:57PM @luay-rifai:
Dazed !! Wonderful new song you got in here ! the voice is just way over the top ! Song structure and composition are brilliant as well ! Always enjoy listening to your tunes bro.
Cheerz -- Luay Rifai

Degrees of Freedom
03/05/09 07:43:14PM @degrees-of-freedom:
Nice acoustic guitar sounds and progression throughout this song. Strong melody in the vocals too, overall a very strong track, good luck!
04/29/09 04:58:51PM @marijan:
Hi Dazed..great Song with superb instrumentation and vocals..greetz MArijan
Burning Red Sun
02/08/09 05:43:45PM @burning-red-sun:
Dazed....This is a excellent colab by you and Bri-an...It certainly is a song for the times....Ken
01/21/09 07:40:46PM @test600:
everything about this track is excellent from the lyrics to the vocals to the arrangement to the musical performance to the final production. did I miss anything??? oh ya... 5 stars for sure. cheers Mime
01/11/12 11:58:36AM @the-erik-jurado-experience:
I love the sound of guitars on this! I relate to the lyrics - a topic I've been involved with lately. I don't like to do plug my own tunes when I am commenting, but this song is similar to my tune "Hand it Over" in such a cool way - my tune tells the story from the view of the very first time, and this one tells it later down the line. They're both told through the eyes of the family man. You guys did a great job of making this work. It is a heart-heavy song, and the music is excellent to carry the story. Very cool guys!!!
Blue Period Blues
01/13/09 04:14:52AM @ramperampe:
I've been a member for some time now...and I've never heard your music...shame on me.Always thought of you as the boss around here...speaking of The Boss...Those lyrics make me think of Springsteen...Not superficial , dealing with real issues.And then there's the voice...it grabbed me and it wouldn't let go...desperate but still some pride left...Enough praise already...
01/11/09 08:59:23AM @brian-mattson:
Love your vocals and arrangement. The clarity of the acoustic creates a nice space. What a big sound!
12/30/08 08:27:56AM @brian-futch:
You really have an original voice. I only need to hear a couple of words and I know it's you. Like the arrangement on this song. The lyrics really capture the desperation of the situation and it comes through in your vocal delivery. The other Bri-an(ha) did a great job on whatever changes he made.

10/23/08 01:04:30AM @big-daddy-cee:
the first thing that grabs my attention is the vocal....one of those true (to me anyway) authentic rock voices....a lil bit smoky....a lil bit gravelly.....and chock full of emotion!...would love to hear this track again once it's mastered(is it here?)
Juri R
10/16/08 12:10:26PM @grand-jury:
Very ballsy piece.Chorus is real winner.Maybe I'm wrong,but I'm hearing Pink Floyd and Alice in Chains in that song (I meant their influences).Actually everything is up to the notch-arrangment,delivery,voice ,lyrics.Luv it!!
10/14/08 11:50:27AM @slowmarchingband:
Dazed - Wow! The lyrics are very powerful and thought-provoking and the music that backs it up solidifies the composition! Great playing and singing all around and the ending was a different twist. Excellent gents!
10/11/08 06:49:09AM @the-autumleaf:
Great song . Well composed and Wonderfully sung The guitar picking was so good and very good drumming.I Missed a wailing lead guitars which could on and on but Hey!! Great work I loved it

10/05/08 07:44:15PM @trp-recording-studio:
The vox reminds a little of John Mayer. Very cool. I dig the changes on this and the acoustic tracks sound great! Awesome job man!
Paul Oakley
09/28/08 10:44:41AM @paul-oakley:
Great vocals on this - your voice really sets the scene for the song. Love the acoustic too, really well recorded. It builds up really well for the big choruses too - loads of impact!


09/14/08 06:02:34PM @vesa:
Never too late for such a good song. Really great vocals, so truely expressive; fine lyrics, well written-clear & gets the meaning across well. Love the touch of acoustic, fine pause, then a good keyboard work behind your vocals for variance. You are upfront just spot on & all instruments resound in a perfect sound level. Fine sounds follow your good DYNAMIC singing complimenting & carrying your through superbly. Like the touch of eastern into & extro. Love this Dazed.
EXCELLENT. A real fave. -Vesa.

(Glad I got time to pop in- my new position as an 'Internet teacher' has consumed me(how ironic)-I'll be more around.)

08/27/08 05:13:21PM @akashaman:
well , i agree with most of the comments mentioned as well :
pretty much an epic tune.
love the strings toward the end , really nice. the sentiment is nice as well. vocals performed excellent !

only thing that imo , detracts from the over all track is it seems a bit , as a whole overcompressed & or squashed.
there are alot of dynamics in the song that might be getting lost due to the high limiting factor.

great work over all tho : thanks alot for share.


08/17/08 04:32:49PM @blue-sahara:
Wow Dazed! What a powerful tune! It has such a great expressive vibe. Excellent performances all over the place, very enjoyable to listen to. Lyrics and vocals, as always, a big asset for your songs. Well done!

08/15/08 11:30:42PM @digger-stone:
holy cow dazed, that s&%t is deep.

i realy relate to this growing up in the streets. I REALY GET THE STORY!
i can't belive i never heard this, i would have said somthing.
this is a great song, and a hell of a story.

very well done on this.

09/11/08 11:06:29AM @test4454:
That's a different intro - really original! Vocals well done by Bri-an. Great rocker with a catchy melody. Cool collab fellas!
Cheers, Bob

08/11/08 07:39:36AM @antonzilla:
This is awesome man, i really like the melancholy feel to it.
The vocals are great, a lot of passion, and the lyrics are spot on.

What's the name of the effect in the very beginning? been trying to figure that out for quite a while ^^

11/21/08 06:18:22PM @david-c-deal:
You know Dazed, you have such a gift in that voice of yours. (yeah I'm a little envious). I like this song tons. The story line of the lyrics sure adds power to the music. Nice composition all around.
David C Deal

08/02/08 10:50:01PM @henry-correy:
Absolutely excellent work my friend !......Great lyrics, playing and production !

Chris Bayne
09/05/08 09:46:42AM @chris-bayne:
Desperate Man is a really great track. I like the backward tracking guitar intro and outro. The strings are used very tastefully and I love the way the chorus refrain ends on a major chord. The lyrics are well written, very introspective and sang with expression. This has all the elements of an epic rock anthem. We're all desperate men!

Sonic Friend,
Chris Bayne

07/21/08 09:58:46PM @wrightdude:
Nice tune! Lotsa very cool elements! String section nicely arranged! Excellent vocal delivery! great drum track too! some nice fills snuck in there! Congrats!
12/16/09 08:36:49PM @the-full-quid:
wow the vocals really stand out on this song excellent !
07/17/08 08:25:10AM @tcp:
Better late than never...this song is a great one on several different levels. Certainly just the music is quite compelling all on it's own. The mixture of instruments and tones is perfect. The playing all around is great. But then add in the vocals and wow...one terrific layer on top of the first! Dazed...superb vocal delivery, great vox and lyrics. Brian also did wonderfully in this and I hear his influence particulary in the string melody.

This is for sure a stand-out song man!!....thanks for the DL. ~Blake

11/05/08 11:52:54AM @jelly:


(Good sound)

Neda / Jelly Records

Projet Xion
07/13/08 09:20:48PM @projet-xion:
Amazing sound and mix for a great song.
It sounds authentic, vocals and instruments are perfect.

I love this one, congratulations!

Laurent (Projet Xion)

07/12/08 01:15:20PM @test200:
What a great intro to this, the acoustic and the way the vocals come in, very cool. I like the way it builds to the rock hits and power sound. The changes are really nice hooks and draw you into the track. I'm diggin the keyboard add in the second movement, nice touch. Brians a great drummer and really adds to the live feel of this. Oh ya, nice outro..well played guys, Enjoyed!!!
07/09/08 09:30:01PM @chronamut:
hey dazed..

love the reversed effect at the beginning - def. an underused technique.

Very professional sounding song! There is however a bit of sidechaining going on where the guitar and drums overlap each other in sound - not sure if you intended that to happen or not..

good song though!


07/06/08 11:57:27PM @michael-palmieri:
Hello Dazed,

"Desperate Man - with Bri-an" is terrific!

Glad to listen to your excellent music and production skills!

all my best,
michael Palmieri

07/04/08 12:08:46AM @lex-zaleta:
It's crunch time, and you guys have come up BIG! Very large sound here - extremely crisp, clean, and clear. Top shelf playing and singing that cannot be improved upon. Five stars for sure!
Dan Falvey
07/06/08 01:30:03PM @dan-falvey:
Powerful song with some awesome vocals. Love the contrast between the different sections of the arrangement. I could hear this as a film score!
06/30/08 09:15:28AM @our-blue-moon:
Great Tune bro ! THis is one cool song. I love the textures between the heavy and light guitars alot. Nice Nice work.
06/19/08 04:16:48AM @shane:
Love this track !!! -- i never get tired of hearing it. !! There is a strong strong tide of emotion generated in the hearing. Nice touch with the pizzacato-ish synth at about 2.09
05/22/08 10:07:55PM @hydrogen3:
I REALLY like this one!!! Holley :)
FD Project
10/09/08 10:15:28AM @fd-project:
Fantastic song...great songwritting, good sound and
a very cool voice....the guitar rocks.....yeaaaaahhhhh.

Luca Wulf
04/04/08 07:52:49PM @huge-artist:
This a beautiful song guys.
D has already done all the technical stuff,which is his strong point,so I can concentrate on my strong point,how the song amkes me feel :)
With a title like that,it had to deliver that desperation...
Daxed,have said since coming here that you are one of the best singers on the WWW,and this reinforces that belief.
You go from the introspective fragility to the outpouring of desperation.
Excellent lyrics as well mate,lyrics are something I really enjoy in songs.
Brian,well brian is a dimaond man in my book,he so gets into the music he makes,he gets into the soul of songs and let's them be what they want to be FULLY.
Excellent collab gents,I fully expect this to become a radio classic.

04/04/08 07:30:02PM @henry-tarnecky:
This is some really nice artistry...vocals and lyrics are so strong and the musical track is well structured behind them... to me it has a great rock anthem feel.. the anthem for the "Desparate Man" Cool work guys!
04/01/08 06:39:13PM @mike-kissel:
Awesome!! Very Alice In Chainsy to me. Love the build and progression. Powerful delivery. Great job!
Mike K.

user image
09/20/08 12:54:19PM @:
Nice rock ballad. Has all the right elements. Not much to say as far as improvements. Everything works well.
03/31/08 12:45:13PM @milillo:
Hiya Daze...
Groovin piece...
At the 2:09 point, the keys create such a beautiful atmosphere for the piece. Nice touch!

Nice work!

03/31/08 07:18:59AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Classic Dazed Vocals. Seem to be going in a different direction style wise? Very powerful and emotional piece. Great job guys !!!!
12/08/09 08:02:01PM @austn:
Awesome sonic swerbs/splashN's with the acoustic and I Think mandy/banjo Ntro...luv the lyrical statement as the verse buildZ N2 the powerful, dynamic, Ntense chorus... the acouctic picking is superb and those string ,synth swerbs N the background R sweetly melded N to draw attention 2 the meaning of the meassages woven N2 the WORDZ...Emotional flow N those chorus passages is soooo Mpactive...the drum track is very creative N the build down passages 2 give an edge to the re-buildup up 2 the chorus again...Powerful, Emotional, & Full of a descriptive message 4 us all...ThanX 4 sharing & letting me listN...~Austn
03/21/08 07:56:43AM @robert-smith:
Gee wiz - this is so good. What a quantum leap from the last mix. This is beautiful, and dramatic. The vocals are great and the lyric's make for an insightful piece. The arrangements with the addition of Bri-an are first class.
03/16/08 01:46:37AM @guy-michetti:
This is a great song. Strong melodies in verse and chorus. God I love your vocals, you sing like you mean it! I love the mix, nice and clear and balanced! Great work!
03/13/08 07:42:04PM @mark-cloutier:
dazed with bri-an--man love how everyone is collabing and making terrific music--bri-an you are fantastic drummer-musician and dazed is singing his **** off---im a fan!! nicely written-powerful--those strings in background?nice!! cheers fellas!!!! mark
Gary Carciello
03/13/08 12:22:59AM @gary-carciello:
Impressive performance...great epic feel in chorus and awesome vocals...wow!!!Bri-an playing sounds wonderful!!!
5 stars from me...

Gary C

03/12/08 10:06:26PM @saladin-de-tolosa:
What a use of strings ! It sounds like a clean mellotron, discrete with presence. Powerful vocal and drumming ( I like the take it, particularly snare abd cymbals) . So, great lesson, thank you guies.
03/12/08 07:54:47PM @dicarlo-productions:

03/12/08 12:33:26PM @scotty-c:
Love the arrangment. Lot's of emotion and plenty of space to built up and down. Nice job!


03/11/08 09:00:19PM @aysha:
I took the time to listen to the demo version first before writing this review and I have to say this version has really progressed from the demo. The guitar fits in tight with the vox and drums. Vox are great and writing is superb!
Great work!!

03/11/08 08:36:10PM @les-beasley:
Thats a cool song Bro,Musicians Curse and the American Dream...
Put the money in the bank,You aint alone.Peace Bro

03/11/08 08:21:50PM @self-tort:
Ah yes, now it's really coming together. From memory, in my review of the earlier version I mentioned some slight clashing between the drums and the electric Rhythm guitar which I thought were distracting for the clear brilliance of the song itself. Bri-an's drums are just right to my ears. The guitar and drums are now perfectly in synch and the use of the strings operates to turn the spotlight onto that sensation chorus section. Wow, this song is now shining bright. Great piece of work. Love it.



03/22/08 04:20:49PM @syngularity:
Congrats on that beautiful heart-work, Dazed and Bri-an. I'm blown away by that fantastic drum presence (and the room effect on them), and especially the fine background arrangement shows your profession... subtle orchestra and finest synth cream.... and that SINGER!!!
Pascalinity mix master says: WELL DONE!!! Ok, I'm not so good with praising my own know how... just wanted to say: this song is a touching one, this is GOOD!

04/16/08 08:33:41AM @the-deep:
Dazed, i wanted to thank you for taking the time to critique that problem track of mine .. Cinderella. your observations and thoughts are valued and helpful for me. So to return the favour in a genuine way ive made time to get my but over to your page and listen. here's some thoughts about Desparate Man-- in short,, Really cool work.

This track,,, has several stunning fine aspects that make it soar:

1-that acqustic playing at the intro, then again at 1:50 etc. is beautiful and so top notch. really cool chords picked there. i love that progression.

2- those pizzacatto keys that come in gently at 1:50 are feel good mama!!!
(okay that doesnt make sense,, but i cant find better words to say it ;;LOL)

3- The vocal comes in and by the tone of the voice and talent of the singer,, aside from the lyrics, the vocal says, this is the real deal- pro rockers at work.

4- i think there is cool quality to the phrasing and feel of the chorus refrain, especially 'im a desperate',, killer delivery and phrasing on the way that comes out.

5- At 2.15, is one of those sublime perfect moments,, a perfect place,, in the vocal and instruments working together to create the scene in sound- sound that becomes a part of the feelings of the listener.

cool lyrics..

shane for The DEEP

03/12/08 06:28:08PM @dicarlo-productions:

06/09/09 08:44:32AM @gve:
Digging the subtle dark style on the acoustic guitar!
Very well done! Lyrics that tell story! Love it!

06/19/08 07:25:40PM @zest-radio-show:
Dazed and Bri-an,

Desperate Man captures the essence of personal introspect offered with musical performances that add to the inflection of your smokey smooth vocals.

I enjoyed the melody and intricate blending of live instruments weaving their way throughout Desperate Man.

Nice for the headphones...deserves closely paid attention...



P.S. Oh ya...forgot to mention....iMS ROCKS !!!!

Chris Mahon
02/05/09 05:31:24PM @chris-mahon:
Hi Dazed, I should have come by here a LONG time ago. Your music is great bro. This track is no exception. What a killer collab. Fine playing, tight arrangement, and vocals that fit the song perfectly. Thanks for sharing it. Chris


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