Riding With My Soul

album: Shadows In Light
genre: Rock
streams: 722

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take a ride with me down a lonesome highway feel the warm winds deep enchanted embrace feel the rush of speed as it over takes you I never ride alone just...
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Here is the latest track from us. Ive remembered seeing bikers on the road, not just the weekend kind of biker but folks who appear to have been on the...
Riding With My Soul
06/03/06 08:04:26AM @chrickon:
Good tune. I thought the mix in the first few bars of the song though was a little bit in favor of the music and not the vocal, which was hard for me to hear at first. It straightened out though pretty quick, and I was "riding along with your soul"
05/31/06 01:13:46AM @ross-elliott:
Hey fellars. Nice moody tune. Nice slide work especially. Good separation on the guitars in the mix....both in tone and panning. I love an acoustic and overdriven electric paired up.....so much easier to get a mix with some space. The bike engine effect sounds quality too. Only thing I would say it not enough bass in the mix or maybe add a thickener compression preset to it.
05/26/06 10:40:14PM @michael-nunley:
I miss my bike...even tho it was just a rice-burner.

FL, I esp like the slide work. Just the right feel.


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