Last Goodbye - With Buddrumming, Kent and Ked

album: Dazed
genre: Rock
streams: 1,785

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Big thank you to the following -Buddrumming - Your Drums Rock my friend. Thanks for being a part of this song. Anytime you want to collab in the future, just...
Last Goodbye - With Buddrumming, Kent and Ked
John R. Kennedy
09/15/13 11:16:33PM @john-r-kennedy:
Great sound here Dazed. Great arrangement, instrumentation, awesome vocals and lyrics, great mix. This flows really nicely and has a good rhythm to it. Very nicely done.

Peace and Blessings, John

03/20/09 11:07:20PM @josephrodz:
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Incarnate Word
03/10/10 01:58:50AM @incarnate-word:
I was gong to say this reminds me of Cocaine but that would sound wrong so I will say it has a Clapton feel at first but the it has a Dazed signature sound. Very cool vibe. I love it, Great Job.
11/11/09 09:14:48AM @marc-morlock:
Great sound
Love the pop sound & Vocal
Very nice drums

Luca Wulf
11/04/09 02:54:53PM @huge-artist:
Revisiting this excellent collab.
I wsih you had more time to dedicate yourself to your music...
It's like owning a harley and never finding time to ride.
But,that is life,we do what we can.
I expect to be told when a new one arrives :)
I simply love your vocals.


09/24/09 11:30:28PM @omegamon:
another hook laden great rocking tune Dazed, loving your style...i get the feeling we have alot of similar influences...love the classic inversion chord in the progression...i've been there, i've lost some of the demos i had that were all guitar based rock stuff...keep doin' these great songs..can't wait to hear your next song!

Carl Schonbeck
06/27/09 02:26:03AM @carl-schonbeck:
This gives me the same warm fuzzy feeling of a good '80s rock radio hit (this is better than most of that stuff :-) The vocals here really draw you in - well done. You guys are good at sneaking some odd instrumental colours into your production...really good work here.
09/04/09 02:52:19PM @bigpete:
great collab, great song, great vocals and good support from the crew, very pop. Good job to all involved.
08/10/09 11:26:14AM @tcp:
Looks like I'm last to this party my friend?!? Your typical wonderful vocal performance with perfect tone, smoothness in delivery, power and emotion. Song is a pleasure with really nice performances all around. KED is a welcome addition on guitar too. Great stuff and sound! ..Blake
06/14/09 12:07:26AM @robert-smith:
This is a fantastic sound - love the driving feel of the bass and rhythm guitars. Great vocal!!!

A great sound, tight drums and cool solo!!

Cool stuff!

01/23/09 07:40:31AM @josephrodz:
Awesome production guys!!

01/11/09 02:00:53AM @bilbozo:
Hiya Dazed. I heard this song several times on the radio shows but had to come back for another dose. Great song all around...you can't go worng with so many great players and a superb vocalist like yourself. Very radio readyy arangement. Congrats to all of you again ! - Bilbozo
12/15/08 07:01:46PM @tdelecce:
Excellent Rocker. Good guitar work. Vocals are top notch. I saw you mention Eddie Van Halen and this reminds me of an 80s Hit. And I dont mean that in any negative way. Good driving beat. Like the keyboard overtones.
12/11/08 07:48:46PM @dazed:
Hey thanks guys. Nigel you pointed out something I completely missed and I owe Kent an apology. I had included on the song credits but not in the song name. Kent did the mix and added the b3 as well.
12/11/08 07:14:44AM @cliff-houck:
This is the kind of stuff that caused me to quit listening to commercial radio! There are so many Great musicians & song writers out there that don't get the Exposure they deserve. Sites like this give us a chance to hear Great tunes like this! The production, arrangement,& musicianship is TOP SHELF!
Wonderful Tune!
Thanx for sharing

Jasmine Tea
12/04/08 10:06:42PM @jasmine-tea:
What a great collab! Great vocals, excellent guitar solo and lots of energy! Bud's drumming is awesome, too. Nice job!
Greg Wallace
10/19/10 11:12:44PM @the-greg-wallace-antithesis:
Love the song!! Great vibe...smooth vocals and just a great pop energy..hey thanks for the review of maybe its time-yes the song definately will be a rocker in the end! I already got the drums worked out-for when I track it again. Thanks for all the tips tho-and the good word..peace-and hey
I really like your stuff!!!!! Fresh, Modern but yet oldschool sound. dig It!! thx!! Greg Wallace

11/15/08 10:35:59AM @blue-sahara:
Hey guys, well I finally got to sit down and listen to this great tune again. It really is the product of a successful collaboration. A song well written; intriguing lyrics delivered by extremely convincing vox. I I love KED's guitar tone in there and the bass sits in there nicely too.
Excellent work everyone!

Farrell Jackson
11/14/08 11:24:03AM @farrell-jackson:
Hi Dazed, great vocal work and songwriting here! This is a very clear and concise mix. Each part is in the right space without fighting to be heard.
The drums and bass are tight with one another which gives this song a solid sound. The snare is right where I like to hear it, just slightly under the lead vox level. The pre solo set up with the acoustic guitar brought forward was an excellent mix choice. Lastly the lead guitar's presence is great being that it has such a mellow sound yet it's right in the pocket! I enjoyed this one!


11/20/08 05:21:03PM @luay-rifai:
Dig this tune Dazed... Great feel into this. great work everyone !-Luay
Juri R
11/07/08 09:27:13AM @grand-jury:
That's cool rocky song with a very live feelin' to it.Luv your vocal style,-right on a spot.Mix is good,as well.It's quite a challenge to record/mix distorted guitar,that I've haven't yet mastered.Your approach is quite interesting,but perhaps not quite classic (which is a compliment).
At the begimning of the song I sincerely thought that it's pumped up JJ Cale's "Cocaine"...LOL!..:)))

10/31/08 02:36:49PM @test200:
Held together with a great radio ready vocal track. Nice big bottom end on this, the kick drum is punchin. Chorus has a nice progression hook, and I like the bridge with the acoustic followed by the lead. Good rock arrangement..well done guys.
10/29/08 09:20:14PM @mike-kohlgraf:
That's just an awesome tune, guys!!! I love it, played it on my last show and will play it again on my next!!! Awesome job by Buddrummer and KED! Dazed, your vocals are as always making it all great!


PS: I still think the organ is too low in the mix !!! LOL!!!!

Doctor C
10/29/08 09:13:15AM @doctor-c:
Excellent track! Solid, powerful and yet melodic rocker, great vocals, cool rhythm section, awesome guitar, outstanding arrangement and production - what esle is needed to make a hit? Wonderful collab, gentlemen.
10/28/08 11:11:51AM @slowmarchingband:

Just thought I'd stop in and leave a comment. Excellent tune my man! I thought the guitar solo fit this very well. Well composed and well played. What more can you ask for?

Larry H

10/27/08 01:39:10PM @david-c-deal:
Old fashion, rockin song. Well done.
David C Deal

10/27/08 08:18:33AM @syngularity:
Fine straight rocker and soft, soulful vocals... This is catchy melodic guitar rock of the claaic style. Thank ya, Dazed and Band!!!

matt morrow
10/26/08 02:38:15PM @matt-the-hatt:
superb song, love the acoustic in the bridge, then some lead guitar to lift the out, nice one !!
10/26/08 01:40:07PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Ah...3 of my fav musos. I heard this piece in it's infancy and knew it was going to be a winner. Man, I love that change up Dazed, Brilliant !!!! Excellent colab my friends :-)


10/26/08 12:26:57PM @tlt50:
Yea gents, this is fabulous ! Mix and production are stellar. Great change midway thru, solid composition with ,as expected ,superb musicianship by all !! Really loved your vocals ..... Bravo !!!!


10/26/08 09:10:57AM @soundtrapper:
Great job everyone. Really enjoyed. The groove,sound,mix and musicianship make this a great listen.


10/26/08 08:26:45AM @durod:
Lovin "Last Goodbye". Drum line is awesome and the bass follows along perfectly. Vocals are strong but not overpowering, and very smooooth. Nice tune!
10/26/08 08:06:01AM @will-carroll:
Hi, really liked this rockin tune,it all works great with superb licks too.
I'll be listenin,

10/26/08 06:27:28AM @mark-reed:
Great studio mix, as expected. Cracking vocal performance, this would be a brilliant live number. Well done
10/26/08 04:13:03AM @chrickon:
Great Rocker with a great sounding mix! Great performance by all!
Excellent collab!

10/26/08 03:36:02AM @the-autumleaf:
Excellent Song !!!! Solid Punch and Smooth Vocals I really liked the Rhythm here and Great feel in the Vocals , Drumming was great here as it carried the song through out , Melodious Lead Smooth Vibes. Great Listen !!! Kudos


10/26/08 03:07:06AM @mike-lynn:
Pretty cool track with very good mix and baseline. The bridge part contributed nicely towards the later half of the song. Cheers.
Luca Wulf
12/11/08 11:14:01AM @huge-artist:
So who is on the hammond then?
Bud and Ked doing great here :)
No substitute for a real drummer,don't care how good the progs get.
Ked,ell he is a one man wall of sound when he has a mind to be.
Very nice bass as well,growling deep...
But yes,of course the star is the vocal.
In a piece like this it has to be,it is the face of the song.
And the risk of repeating myself ad nauseum,youa re one of my fav vocalists aroundmate.
Ked.solo :)

You know this reminded me of hearing the first Boston album for the first time,same spirit.

Excellent work guys.


10/28/08 05:32:33PM @bri-an:
Very nice to hear this toon with all the other elements...solidified with Bud's tub werk and Ked's solo!
The highlight for me is the tonal qualities of your voice...which have been brought out nicely with Kents mix.
nice collab works gents!

02/28/09 04:46:59PM @justin-jones-band:
Hey, Dazed. Man, I love this song! It is so well written, arranged, and played. The vocals are absolutely perfect. Your voice is frickin" killer, Brother! All of your music is Awesome, but this one is really exceptional!...Sincerely, Justin
10/30/08 09:31:58AM @autopilot-club:
Nice backbeat, writing, arranging & performance. The song has a strong hook, and the vox are sweet. I really like the brigde/change, and how you`ve made this rocker sound smooth, instead of goin` full throttle.
Organ adds a nice touch. Sounds great as is, adds ambience & air to the production.


12/22/08 02:05:07PM @austn:
Great drive and pound guitar rthythm track...guitar power throbZ bounce well with the beat and the drum fillZ R marvelous...Xplosive vocals R Xpressive and luv the chilly bridge change up that develops N an ^^^scale...luv the tambourine and shakers thru-out...adds a vibrance as the vocals and solo work takes it's ride...The B3 N the backdrop holdZ the line with the power bass...great presence and balance N the production work and the tune Xcites the feet as well as the earZ...ThanX 4 givin us a listN, Merry Xmas...~Austn
11/16/08 01:33:37PM @vesa:
Great tune right off the top. Good vocals. I can feel the fine chemistry here; really good lyrics, a sensitive love tune well written. I like the subtle changes with the acoustic coming in; makes for a nifty variance. I'm enjoying the sweet tasty guitar solo which fits in there so well without overpowering the good singing. All in all a really good sound mix, with the vocals shining throughout. EXCELLENT production Dazed & friends. Love it.

11/05/08 11:55:48AM @jelly:



Neda / Jelly Records

06/16/09 02:11:12PM @hydrogen3:
AWESOME DAZED!! I really like the sound you created with this track. Very high energy an uplifting! Holley :)
11/26/08 05:25:42PM @mark-cloutier:
really nice feel good vibe on this one--good punchy rythmn guitar and some crisp solid drumming--love that snare sound!! this you singing dazed?--excellent man--really enjoyed this musical journey!!


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