Stormy Skies

album: Dumber Than Dirt
genre: Song Title Madness
streams: 734
creation date: 2006-03-24

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Stormy Skies
09/06/11 10:28:48AM @cooter:
Love your voice, Dazed... you have a wonderfully unique and easily recognizable style. Just enough harmony dropped in there, to my ears. This is such a beautiful song. Mighty fine guitar work, as always.

Ok, I have listened 4 times now. I really must move on for a few more reviews, while I can. But that is one of the best compliments I know to offer: I don't want to leave, I want to listen more. This one is kinda special.

Love it, Dazed.


06/16/09 08:38:43PM @the-full-quid:
wow , this is really cool , I don't how you combined styles from the the usual hard rock melody to a beautiful understated pop chorus so effortlessly , sometimes" collective soul " would that but you kept it low key the same mood throughtout the whole song.
very very good song
cheers Wilberry

04/27/09 01:27:39PM @mark-reed:
This is sweet, what I like about your material is the sound quality, you should give lessons. The acoustic on this is so good. This has a very expressive vocal delivery. I like it great number well done
09/13/08 03:15:25AM @ab2:
2 reviews Dazed? Damn don`t know how this escaped people..Beautifully sung... Lyrics are "real" and thoughtful...Everything about this is lovely...So, now 2 reviews turn to 3 and I hope lots more to follow...

Peace n love mags :-)

Joey B Goode
03/12/08 08:10:21PM @bj:
Clever insightful lyrics, tasteful understated lead and simple yet interesting chord structure. Excellent!
Luca Wulf
12/05/07 03:53:07PM @huge-artist:
I came seeking this one out....
I heard it on Nexus the other night and was comletely taken by it.
The vocals,lyrics,just utterly beautiful,hypnotic and oh so vunderable.
I would like to see this song brought to your first page,and made a candiate for song of the year next year perhaps?
The chrous passage is just stunningly beautiful.
The atmosphere,musicanship,production,all sparkling.
I would go so far as to say,this is the best song I have heard from IMS to date.
This is truly a beautiful song,treasure it mate,it IS a gem.


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