Wings of a Dragon - Meredith - Rodriguez - Caro - Dazed

album: Collabs
genre: Rock
streams: 1,631
creation date: 2011-01-08

  Song Lyrics
She always dreamed of a fairytale lifewhere kings ruled the land and dragons ruled the skiesShe never wanted to be the queenHer life was meant for more...
  Song Information
This song was written by Dave Meredith and he asked me to add some vocals/lyrics to it. Joseph Rodrigues then added some acoustic and electric guitars. I...
Wings of a Dragon - Meredith - Rodriguez - Caro - Dazed
carol sue
06/09/18 11:20:14PM @carol-sue:
((Happy 10th Mixposure))~ still love this song, and this site.
Thank you for the many great years!! -Now get yourself busy and make
some new Mixposure T-shirts will ya! lol

Thanks so much for all you do, and for all that you have done..
Oh, and how you all have put up with me through the years,lol))
Blessings to you and yours,
Carol Sue

carol sue
09/22/17 02:43:15PM @carol-sue:
If I hadn't gone and removed my old page...
I would imagine my comment would have come early here.
Really love this song~ so good to hear it again!

02/23/14 07:49:46PM @the-jet-black-project:
This is dope! Post those lyrics.
John R. Kennedy
07/27/12 08:57:24PM @john-r-kennedy:
Wings of a Dragon - Very nicely done and some nice vocals. Just a little glitch that I heard in the beginning that needs some repair, but other than that sounds great. Nice composition for a collab. Congrads to all. Peace be with you. Blessings, John
07/25/11 03:48:44AM @papi:
So many layers of beauty on top of each other...
This goes right in as the newest and top most of my mixposure favorites.
This song is a shining example of how collaborating sometimes lets creativity soar high...on the wings of a dragon.
And it even keeps getting better whith every listen


02/03/11 05:12:49AM @dave-meredith:
WOW!! im touched by the comments here on Dazed page!.. Thank you guys so much... Its a pleasure to be involved on this one with Dazed,jo and Jose... A song i always enjoy playing back as i enjoy the feel and creativity aswell as the vocal style and lyrical content.. Its a song that seems to be enjoyed by alot of people .. Thank you !
01/31/11 07:55:15PM @josephrodz:
Thanks for your awesome comments,really appreciated.
01/31/11 07:10:33PM @devodale:
Superb mix of great musicians doing their thing together. Top notch production guys. Very original.
01/31/11 06:11:26PM @david-c-deal:
Wonderful collab guys. First rate song all around.
01/31/11 05:00:17PM @digger-stone:
this is an amazing effot on all parts! the music is just perfect, and dazed this has to be one of you best performances to date bro.

really a great song guys!


Mista Perez
01/31/11 09:37:54AM @mista-perez:
Now this is music. Well done guys...fantastico.
01/30/11 09:44:38PM @georgeilijin:
Soulful and Powerful! I love your music! than I am very inspired by your works!:) Shine On!:) All the Best!!!
George Ilijin

01/30/11 09:44:24PM @georgeilijin:
Soulful and Powerful! I love your music! than I am very inspired by your works!:) Shine On!:) All the Best!!!
George Ilijin

Luca Wulf
01/24/11 11:05:20AM @huge-artist:
Ah,nice to see you stop wasting all that free time you have and make music :)
I saw this as it came online,but at the time I was trying to keep all the plates spinning,you know how it goes.
So,this is todays treat for me.
I have always felt and stated that you are one of the best vocalists around on the web today.

Joseph,well that man can fly.
And lastly David,has done a grand job on the songwriting front and song construction.

I was sitting here thinking "What if"
What if this song had appear on say an ASIA album?
They would have proclaimed it a masterpiece.
So why should we treat it any less?

For me,it's perfection.

Bravo gents.


01/12/11 08:52:04AM @dave-meredith:
Hello!! Thank you for being a part of this cool song..Was a pleasure to be part of this project.. Great to work with such easy going and talented people.. Look forward to the next :-)

Great new mixdown by Joseph!!

All the best


Farrell Jackson
01/09/11 12:01:00PM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent song, production and performances from Dave, Joeseph and Dazed! The songwiting is great but add in Dazed's lyric/vocals and Joseph's guitar/production skills and out comes a fantastic song! Well done all!


01/09/11 11:41:27AM @tcp:
Yea....I've got to go along precisely with SongDoc's comment. He's right on. This really is a great production...superb sound. Then you add in the wonderful individual performances and songwriting....this is a very strong keeper every which way you look at it. Superb job folks!!!!!! ...B
02/12/11 02:24:11AM @jusananomaly:
Very soaring and moving, make you want reach you hands up to the sky to feel the wind. It's got a jazzy rock feel to it. Very good.
02/05/11 11:48:09AM @joseph-j:
Nice work everyone, great song and nice colab. all the way around..!
02/03/11 06:08:19PM @bri-an:
aww it's tweeked!!

Crystal clear and crisp. I commented on this toon before, Great to hear the vocals upfront.(ya, there you are.."snap" )
Musicainship and arrangement... it's stellar.
Drums in the pocket..excellent guitar playing..and a fantastic keyboard composition. ka- ching.
...should be pimping this toon out for the highest bidder!!
BrAvO. fantastic collab.

02/07/11 05:17:29PM @ex1:
Woooo Hoooo What an Awesome Track . I was hooked right from the beginning and all the way through....Loved the Vocals. Fantastic Mix of all Musicians.... and the clarity was wonderful ... Thanks for the Download It will be played over and over again for a long time to come and I will turn my friends and family on to this song as well ..... Congrats Guys ... Superb !!!!
01/30/11 08:38:32PM @austn:
Awesome acoustic guitars flaroured with such such solid beatZ & the bouncy piano counterpoints during the verse rock.... Sweet FX Rock voice storytelling going on, subtle but Ntense...the power guitar accent chords R soooooo sweet N the chorus, making it standout....the beakdown is super with it's own dynamics and guitar leads ....the guitar/synth acpella drop off chorus is unique..Awesome coolab guys with all basics...punch/beatZ/hook N a surprising unique atmosphere....B proud DAMNit it's a masterpiece....~Austn
01/30/11 08:16:42PM @dj-waper:
OMG what a song, what a quartet of amazing artists. Really cool stuff. Simply I'm speechless to say anything more...
Bravo guys!
This tune become in to one of my favs :)


10/07/12 12:10:39PM @mark-cloutier:
As title this one soars--great talent on this one and beautifully mixed! Nice job vocally really great job by all-congrats!
John R. Kennedy
01/31/11 01:31:38AM @john-r-kennedy:
Great jam and singing on Wing of a Dragon. Nice job on this for sure. Great sound and production. I liked it a bunch.

Blessings, John

01/08/11 06:33:52PM @bigpete:
Hey Dazed this is a super track and the improved production on the instrumental part is great... but I do believe your vocal performance deserves to be a bit more upfront and not as washed by the reverb, you're a bit to low for my taste compared to the instrumental. Just a bit more upfront and you did a great job on the harmonies.
Lyrical Princess
01/31/11 03:08:23AM @lyrical-princess:
Really enjoy this song each time I hear it.. Awesome Collaboration!!
01/08/11 07:59:03PM @david-c-deal:
I love this song guys. The instruments are all crisp and clear and BIG. Lovely production. Dazed, I always like your vocals. They are unique and most appealing. This song has many unexpected complexities in structure that make it a "song above the rest". Excellent.
02/05/11 04:21:36PM @soundtrapper:
Excellent work gentlemen ! -jeff
07/26/12 07:50:57AM @the-autumleaf:
Nice Song .great singing and nice guitars with excellent progressions
Jay from the Autumnleaf

07/26/12 07:50:38AM @the-autumleaf:
Nice Song .great singing and nice guitars with excellent progressions
Jay from the Autumnleaf

01/09/11 07:40:20PM @tlt50:
This production is so PRISTINE gents. From the song writing to the incredible vocals.....this has it all. Superbly done in every way...AWESOME Guys...BRAVO...:)*****

Larry T

02/21/11 09:13:34PM @the-full-quid:
really nice song , nice vocals too, the lead guitar and solo is the frosting on this cake . classic sound love the soft parts really cool. awesome collab indeed. the harmony vocals and the guitar synth sound are great for the dynamics .
user image
04/16/11 01:04:56PM @:
Wow...all this time I thought I had commented on this song and it turns out I have not. Well...we have to change that right now. I have these songs on Mixposure that I am pretty obsessed with. Carol Sue's "Baby, Baby", Bilbozo's "Mexican Machine", Q Harper's "Only God Loves You More", Paul Douglas Sanner's "Long Gone", Miguel Wilder's "Wishin", and recently TexCus "Cry Girl". However, THIS song right here is one of my favorites on Mixposure and I simply just can't get enough. Dave produced an amazing track and you are an exceptional vocalist, Brother. Your writing is wonderful and just solid all around. Joseph Rodriguez is incredible on this as well. All-Star line-up here and everyone should be proud of themselves. What I am proud of is that the man who keeps this place running and shining is extremely talented and gifted himself. To be a part of Mixposure is a pleasure knowing that music is the focus of this site and a real community. Songs like this just put the icing on the cake and the cherry on top. If I had a Grammy to give you, I would. Stellar work, Brother. Well done!
05/11/13 12:37:28PM @john-frederick:
Great music here love the vibe very cool indeed and well done nice intro. Keep rockin. Good vocals too.


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