Sweet Addiction Girl

album: Shadows In Light
genre: Rock
streams: 497
creation date: 2006-04-02

Sweet Addiction Girl
06/03/06 09:26:56AM @george-shepherd:
Just ok for me
sly puppy
11/23/07 01:52:58PM @emocion:
The opening of this song is so well done.The guitar and the vocals work hand in glove.

The vocals kinda slip behind the distortion when it comes in though....can you pull the guitar back in the mix so your vocals come out on top ? The vocals are actually the strongest element so it'd be better if they could be clearly heard.

The chorus hook is okay its clear because of the double tracking and harmonies.

This has a commercial feeling to it. Reminds me Climie Fisher . Sweet pop with a great big hookline.

That acoustic sounding picked line thats here is brilliant. Love it.

Oh ...abrupt ending - this a work in progress or did my player dick out ?

No matter I heard enough to give it a thumbs up.


11/04/07 08:19:12AM @lex-zaleta:
If I were going to have an addiction - women would be my drug of choice. SWEET ADDICTION GIRL explains it all - and does it with a superbly large rock sound that's heavy but not overbearing. I really like the guitars and the vocals here and the huge amount of space they cover. Seems like you've already taken the twelve steps to a hit with this tune.


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