Fly - Demo

album: Dazed
genre: Acoustic Rock
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Just a demo of a tune I was playing with. It needs to be redone and who knows I may evenyually get around to it.
Fly - Demo
N. Parker
10/04/14 03:38:34PM @n-parker:
Nice laid back feel Dazed. Love the flow. Will be a standout track as it grows.
09/13/10 01:11:02PM @jusananomaly:
Great feel good tune, just had me soaring an drifting alone, love the strumming and bassline, music flows so naturally. Great job.
09/06/10 02:18:29PM @cooter:
This is an interesting tune, Dazed. If you develop it further, I would certainly be interested in that, too. Love your voice, good sir.
08/04/10 05:09:26PM @michael-frazier:
Like the acoustic melodies in this tune. The timing of the bass seems a tad off in the intro but other than that a nicely put together tune. Don't care for the all of the overlapping vocals at the end of the tune - some of them work fine, some are just a bit much. Muddies up the sound a little.
05/12/10 08:03:40AM @lex-zaleta:
EXCELLENT! The truly great songs can stand alone - even on a single sheet of paper. This song stands proud with tasteful guitar and elegant vocals to complement the enriching lyrics. A gem that needs no polishing ... - Lex -
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 01:53:24AM @incarnate-word:
very nice. This is a little different from your usual direction. very killer for a demo. The Lyrics are great and the vocals are always a pleasure to listen to. Great Job.
Jasmine Tea
02/19/10 09:40:36AM @jasmine-tea:
Really a great tune. (I have so many of them that I intend to redo someday. But, you know how bad I was at my early attempts at production.;) I can relate to this song lyrically so much -- "Wishing for change will get you nowhere" -- so true -- we all just have to do the hard work and make it happen. And, wow, you sure can sing. :) jasmine
02/18/10 12:29:31PM @gabriel-sabadi:
You're absolutely correct Nigel. Ist time I heard this piece I told Todd to leave it alone, it's gorgeous just how it is. Adding anything more IMO would just kill it. Refine the mix and just let it be what is, A powerful message with the perfect backdrop.

Damn ... I love your vocals Todd !

Rogers-Tennison Band
02/18/10 11:39:24AM @rogers-tennison-band:
The message in the song is far more important than the music (which is first rate, the vocals are great). People need to be reminded of this. So much music forgets to reaffirm people, not simply wow them with some production trick which will sound cheesy-lame 3 years from now. The life affirming reminder is the eternal. Great job bro.


Luca Wulf
02/18/10 11:28:44AM @huge-artist:
So you finaly recalled you are a musican huh? :)

Do you ever wonder about all the songs that don't exist because of all the "X" reasons?
I know I do.

I just came from Terry Ponder's page,and you have the "Song writer" tag to share.

You can sit it down with justa coustic and voice and the song is all there,or you can dress it up with all the whistles and bells,and it's still there.

Don't go LARGE on it.
Production wise keep it close to this than something with an epic soundscape.
Gentle drums,no snare beat,just the click.


I don't think yuo can write a bad one.
I think your muse knows you can't afford to spend time on songs that won't work.

Beautiful song Todd.
I hope circumstance allows you room to develope it.

Best wishes,and thanks for....it all :)


02/18/10 08:09:14AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
I guess there is not much to say when something is a demo but what I have come to realise is that this is one of the best and most distinctive voices in these parts which makes this a great listen. ftlpope
02/18/10 07:09:07AM @gary-hart:
Well written lyrics Todd! There's No questions You really seem to have lyrics writing right down to an art. Your vocals sound awesome! Add a little percussions to this tune and some mastering and your off to the races...Well done my Friend!

02/17/10 11:14:41PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Outstanding work Todd. Gotta love Dazed unplugged but you already knew that ;) Vocals are filled with hooks that I've come to expect from you and that acoustic and bass work so well together. TON's of potential here !


02/17/10 09:35:33PM @david-c-deal:
Strong, encouraging lyrics we can all use sometimes. Your vocals are always great Dazed and this song makes fantastic use of them. Nice work.

02/17/10 07:49:13PM @gary-reed:
Very beautiful song. Great melody and lyrics. Lead and harmony vocals are very strong. Looking forward to hearing the final (non-demo) version of this song.
Farrell Jackson
04/29/10 11:55:32AM @farrell-jackson:
Fly....as a demo or work in progress you've gotten fairly far on it. I think with some drums or percussion's it would be complete. It's a catchy tune that holds my interest...ok maybe some electric lead fills or solo would add to the song but....all in all, it sounds good and I hear the potential! Enjoyed the listen.


04/17/11 11:58:19AM @mark-cloutier:
This is much better than a demo version--so cool in its raw rock n roll state--singing is beautiful with such clarity in production and crisp guitar sound--whats not to love about--songwriting stands out!
09/01/10 07:12:21PM @test202:
song focus review
06/05/10 04:19:41AM @n-o-r-o-k-o:
i dont see it as a demo......excelent vocals!!!

02/08/11 09:50:57PM @justatest:
05/20/10 08:22:41PM @ofc:
If this is the demo, then I can't wait to hear a more advanced mix.

As always, totally dig your tunes.

Jasmine Tea
04/03/11 12:52:44PM @jasmine-tea:
I really like this! I love the acoustic guitar sound through it! Also, the lyrics are compelling and, always, your vocals are perfect. It may be a demo, but like it just the way it is. :) It has an organic quality that appeals to me.


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