The Crystal Ball

album: Collaborations
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 271

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Recorded on Tascam 246 4 trak in 1994ish
The Crystal Ball
Doug Dickens
02/12/17 07:39:01PM @doug-dickens:
Taking my trip back in the library looking for great rock tunes on Mix for Tuesday's showcase .... this is great.
Brett Service
10/15/13 10:26:37PM @brett-service:
This was done on a 4 track? maximized your tracks for sure. Everything is right on here. The vocal sits perfectly in the mix and are sung with a great edge! Fantastic guitar work throughout, and the bass and drums really hold things together solidly. peace, Brett
08/29/09 10:25:35AM @blue-sahara:
Yes, just like Rick said - this tune would definitely be worth revisiting, Dale. Your vocals are fantastic, and that slap bass, whoa!!! Guitar work is tasty - a classic rock song, for sure!


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