The Silent Getaway Collab with Rei4real

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Very 1st internet collab. I met Rei4real of Austria on He liked the tune and requested to lay a track. Done in one take I believe! Chack out...
The Silent Getaway Collab with Rei4real
09/15/10 02:35:03AM @jusananomaly:
so glad I decided to stick around..rei is on of my fav his music..this groove is just right..easy listening there's nothing easy about this one, smooth, silky, entrancing yes...stellar collab. thumbs up.
10/22/09 09:04:15PM @through-a-glass-darkly:
Great slow build up of tension and release, lovely production and playing. A great listen - thanks - Derek
09/11/09 05:47:24PM @mike-s:
Ahh this is the track. I have been listening to a few tracks on shuffle from Mixposure and one of the keeps making look up to see if I have a new e-mail. There is a bell or something ringing very quietly in this track that sounds like my e-mail alert! Apart from that, in fact including that, what a lovely piece of music. Thanks for sharing!!
09/11/09 02:05:10AM @tlt50:
Great vibe from the start.This is fantastic.Superb seperation of sounds....everything taking its place in the mix.Very creative the ear candy....Guitar work is exceptional...Dale, tremendous tune....KUDOS on a great track !!!!


09/11/09 12:34:19PM @rei4real:
I still believe that this is one of the best collabs I've ever done ... and one of the easiest because your track was so inspiring ... ;-)

peace, rei


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