What You Want Featuring Joseph Rodriquez

album: Collaborations
genre: Instrumental Rock
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I sequenced this song on an Ensoniq EPS Sampler midi-ed to other instruments in 1994-ish. It was recorded on a Tascam 246 Cassette 4 trak. The recording you...
What You Want Featuring Joseph Rodriquez
Barefoot Music
02/20/15 02:18:55AM @barefoot-music-group:
Liking this a whole lot guys. Stellar collab all the way around. Especially loving the percussion Santana vibe, and lead solo.
I'm obviously late to the party but y'all have maintained the fun. Well done!

Farrell Jackson
01/24/11 09:11:35PM @farrell-jackson:
Great song and playing Dale and Joseph! Just heard it on Mix Radio and I popped over to give you some good words on this great song! Nice work on the backing tracks Dale and the lead guitar is a smokin' ball of fun Joseph. Excellent gentlemen!


01/24/11 09:08:30PM @david-c-deal:
Just hear this song on radio; fantastic collab!
01/22/11 10:15:26PM @josephrodz:
Is an honor working for you Devodale,keep rockin the world with your awesome music.


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