A word from the Director of Programming

user image 2010-04-11
By: Devodale
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<p>Hi Everyone!</p><p>I would would like to take this opportunity to put out an invitation to anyone who might have what it takes to be a broadcast DJ here at MixStreamRadio. We are searching for unique, entertaining personalities who are willing to volunteer thier time and energy into doing a weekly broadcast from their location. These individuals will adhere to the standards set forth by the management of MixStreamRadio and cannot include vulgar and/or profane langauge.</p><p>If you wish to apply for a DJ position, please submit a&nbsp;1 to 2&nbsp;minute recorded demo of your vocal talents, including a presentation of your show idea/ genre style, etc. Your submission will be reviewed by the management, If you are chosen to join our team, you will be broadcasting live! Getting&nbsp;your own copy of SAM by Spacial Audio is highly recommended!</p><p>Please submit your demo to: <a href=""></a></p><p>Sincerely, Devodale - Director of Programming</p>


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