New glasses.....YAY!

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By: Devodale
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New glasses.....YAY!

<p>Just a note to give kudos to for some really cheap, but high quality glasses. I bought these frames, Progressive multi-focal, scratch resistance, premium glare resistance, two sunglass clip-ons (a grey and an amber) Plus got a second set of frames only, because the reviews said they broke easy, all for only $73.03 delivered to my door in two weeks. I'm really liking them, and I can see great!!</p><p>I'm not usually a commercial but, I had to pass on the deal I found to those who could benefit.</p><p>Just get your updated prescription from your eyedoc, and you're golden.</p><p>D.</p>

06/11/13 05:29:55PM @tony-william:
The problem here in Britain is that opticians try and hold back the results of your eye tests to buy glasses off them! You have to be firm and ask for the prescription. Once you've got it then online makers cost about half or even less than the optician. I'm one of those people who can read Motorway signs like half a mile away - but can't read a newspaper without specs!! :)
06/06/13 05:00:15PM @devodale:
oh, forgot to mention I had 'Devodale' engraved on the bows too. All for that low price

06/06/13 05:34:29PM @josephrodz:
Looking good!
06/07/13 12:36:01PM @cooter:
Hey... I can see you now. ;-)
Lyrical Princess
06/07/13 03:29:08AM @lyrical-princess:
I'm happy you can see again Dale.. :)

That guy in the video Dazed shared with you wasn't kidding.. I hate those eye exams.. And they charge a heck of a lot more for all that aggravation than $73.03

What a great topic for a stand up comic.. Funny stuff!

06/06/13 09:00:44PM @dazed:
check this out Devodale you will be able to appreciate it.
Brian Regan Eye Doctor

Not a bad price at all!!



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