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Ancient Lotus

album: DNA Codex Trax!
genre: EDM
streams: 36

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Ancient LotusIt's never negative, or existential,just follow the signpost's I've left in the Sun,Reminds me of a soft explosion!Like a subliminal tourist, I...
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From about 10 years ago, still quite fun, done on my dad's iMac, I was still experimenting, and not sure what I was doing, but it works for me!
Ancient Lotus
Andrew Yoda
09/28/16 04:46:18AM @dnacodex:

Hi Gary, Thank you so much, I know this one is quite old, but I still like it, reminds me of some of the cool stuff around 1992!



Gary Shukoski
09/28/16 04:25:35AM @gary-shukoski:
Trippy track! Cool sequences!


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