Duncan J White productions inc Stick It records
Duncan J White productions inc Stick It records

Category: 2020 - 7th January news

The track - “Cry For You” is coming along very nicely.  It is a rock ballad with lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals.  There is a "gut wrenching" lead guitar solo has been re-recorded and is sounding fantastic.  The format of the track was worked on today.  Next, I need to put a dummy vocal down.

The next track gets a bit heavier!   I’m hoping that this track, “Money, Money” along with machine-gun guitar, will have a real rock anthem feel.  The lyrics for the song have already been written.

The track - “The Mirror” has come together really quickly and has been put on the shelf to be worked on at a later date.  It’s turning out to be a fantastic dance track.

Meanwhile, a new track - “Sail Away”, will be worked on in the next session.  This will be something that I haven’t tackled before, it will be a rock ballad with just acoustic guitar, bass and drums.  Again, the lyrics have already been written.

2020 - 16th August news

By Stickman, 2020-08-18

The recording stage of new tune - “The Mirror” is almost complete!  To start with, I just had a vocal idea.  After just one session, working remotely over Skype, the track has taken shape really quickly, more production is needed, but now we have about six “Skeleton” tunes on the back burner, ready to be worked on later.

2020 - 15th August news

By Stickman, 2020-08-15

Work will start on a new track tomorrow.  Entitled “The Mirror”, it will be a straight pop track.  I also have an idea to record a dance version, we will see.

"Funk-a-tronic" is now available to buy or stream from the following online stores/websites.  Grab your copy now!

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2020 - 12th August news.

By Stickman, 2020-08-12

Today, I’ve uploaded two new tracks, from the new album - “Funk-a-tronic”, onto our Soundcloud page - https://soundcloud.com/the-stickman Check it out.

2020 - 9th August news

By Stickman, 2020-08-09

Standby. The latest album launches tomorrow so get ready, don’t miss it, get your copy here if you haven’t already done so -

2020 - 1st August news

By Stickman, 2020-08-01

Standby.  The countdown has begun to the launch of the new album.  Ten days and counting.  If you haven’t already - reserve your copy now - https://ditto.fm/funk-a-tronic

2020 - 26th July news

By Stickman, 2020-07-27

Work continues on a bunch of tracks that made it onto various albums, but not the final released MP3 version of the album.  Working on the fourth track in the collection at the moment, we are happy with the way things are taking shape.  We will put the finishing touches to the tracks when we can get together.  I already have an idea for the album title - “Oddball”.  

Meanwhile, we are eagerly awaiting the release, on 10th August, of the forthcoming project - “Funk-a-tronic”.

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