Waiting Too Cry

user image 2008-08-15
By: sly puppy
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<strong>This features the bass and guitar of Kev Durham.<br /><br />One helluva musician in his own right&nbsp;- it was a pleasure and honour to work with him on this track.<br /><br />Waiting Too Cry continues in my latest acoustic based style as with the rest of the Bridges songs. This song sets out to explore that feeling of lostness (is that a real word and does anyone care if it is or not)&nbsp;.<br /><br />I can't thank Kev enough for his work on this little tune.<br /><br />For the purists out there : the structure of this track is deliberatly simplistic : you see lives complicated enough without all the changes.<br /><br />Seems to we are just falling........................<br /><br /><br />Sly</strong>

08/16/08 05:58:17AM @ab1:
waiting to cry.. got to check this one out sly..


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