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Waiting Too Cry

By sly puppy, 2008-08-15

<strong>This features the bass and guitar of Kev Durham.<br /><br />One helluva musician in his own right&nbsp;- it was a pleasure and honour to work with him on this track.<br /><br />Waiting Too Cry continues in my latest acoustic based style as with the rest of the Bridges songs. This song sets out to explore that feeling of lostness (is that a real word and does anyone care if it is or not)&nbsp;.<br /><br />I can't thank Kev enough for his work on this little tune.<br /><br />For the purists out there : the structure of this track is deliberatly simplistic : you see lives complicated enough without all the changes.<br /><br />Seems to we are just falling........................<br /><br /><br />Sly</strong>

Inside Too Out Sly and Main Pie

By sly puppy, 2008-02-24
Inside Too Out  Sly and Main Pie

Well heres a musical answer.

This track is the first featuring Main Pie.
Its taken for a collection that myself and Mark are working on at present with (for me anyway)a view to hopefully getting a CD out there.

This one is probably one of the gentlest of the tracks we've been working on so far.It also features some of the finest guitar I've managed to get onto any of my tracks-so thanks Mark !

Those that listen to nexus radio may have heard some of the other work in progress tracks songs like :Sgt.Dime Bar,My Baby Love,amongst others .

What I can say is that there will be other great musicians helping out on some of these songs :The Devils Reward and :And Do You have bass added to them by two superb bass players Jim and Rob.....those are nearing completion.

So I have been busy :I've also been mixing/producing demo tracks for my great friend and fellow artist Ian K who has just released his 1st ep and is currently working on a full blown album release for later in the year. Agian some will remember the collab myself and Ian di as Silverhorse:well his new stuff is a million miles from Silverhorse ! but retains much of its electro sensibilty (Oxygen aside) .

just some words