The Poodely Pooh (feat. Rusty James)

album: Music from Misty Mountain
genre: Rock n Roll
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                      The Poodely Pooh                        © 2017 by Ernest E. Easter, Sr...
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This song I wrote way back in the '80s I think. Rusty James said he would very happy to mix it all down for me. Old Rusty added added drums, lead guitar,...
The Poodely Pooh (feat. Rusty James)
11/16/16 02:45:14PM @erne:

Thank you Yvonne. Coming from one of the best singers Ive ever heard I feel humbled. Thank you.

08/07/16 10:08:22PM @erne:
Thank you Farrell. It is a great time workin with Rusty. He's right on the spot with recording and mixing. Plays a perty good guitar too.
Farrell Jackson
08/07/16 06:11:01PM @farrell-jackson:
You two old timers are rockin' the Red Neck right out this boogie woogie song. I like the fun lyric Ernie and the added tracks by Rusty fit perfectly. Nice work fellers!
08/07/16 03:16:43PM @erne:
I got a bunch of 'em, bro. Thanx for puttin up with my slack playin.


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