I Think I'll Go Down To New Guinea (revisited) (feat. Rusty James)

album: Music from Misty Mountain
genre: Rock
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I Think I'll Go Down To New Guinea © 2016  Ernest E Easter, Sr words and music by Charles Easter and Ern Easter, Sr I think I'll go down...
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I asked Rusty if he would revisit this song. Did he ever. With a new effort by me and his musical mastery I think we have a winner. Its so FREAKIN FRANTIC...
I Think I'll Go Down To New Guinea (revisited) (feat. Rusty James)
12/20/16 07:45:02PM @erne:

"Production is pretty damned good"? In my way of hearin, the production very damned good. ...Rustoman Producer Extraordinaire.

12/18/16 10:53:00AM @erne:

Thanx Dace, sure fun to make too. I am glad you like it.

12/16/16 07:47:18AM @erne:

thanx  bluescat, bottoms up.

12/15/16 11:03:49PM @erne:

Thanx Larry. Those are some pretty nice words for a review. Especially coming from you.

12/15/16 10:59:40PM @erne:

Thank you Tricia. Its always FUN workin with Rusty.

12/15/16 07:51:54PM @tlt50:

Love the percussion,production and musicianship...Very interesting and creative...Well done  gents...*****

12/15/16 11:47:46AM @erne:

Thanx Farrell. Rusty sure can pickup on what I like in a song. Actually Rusty changed my bass into the other instruments and added his bass. Fine producing to day the least.

Farrell Jackson
12/15/16 11:16:18AM @farrell-jackson:

Another excellent collaboration from Ern and Rusty! Cool jungle sound effects, drums and backing tracks Rusty. Ern you are a regular 'ol Head Hunter, lol. I like it!



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