That's Why I Am Here (Featuring Joseph Rodriguez)

album: Music from Misty Mountain
genre: Country
streams: 139

  Song Lyrics
                          THAT’S WHY I AM HERE                          © 1994 Ernest E. Easter, Sr (1986)      WHAT GOOD IS A KING...
  Song Information
This comes from way back in 1986. I asked Joseph to work his magic on it and I am not disappointed. Joseph provided all instruments and production and I did...
That's Why I Am Here (Featuring Joseph Rodriguez)
01/30/18 02:47:31PM @ronbowes:
Nice work guys.
Bamil Music
11/03/17 11:43:56AM @bamil:
You're welcome Erne 🎧
11/03/17 09:19:07AM @erne:
I feel blessed, Carol Sue. Its a blessing to have people who want to collab with me to get my old songs recorded. Please read the song info..Thank you
11/03/17 09:16:00AM @erne:
Thank you Bamil.
carol sue
11/03/17 08:54:32AM @carol-sue:
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> Blessings to you and Joseph, this turned out beautifully!
Bamil Music
11/03/17 08:15:45AM @bamil:
Excellent music work Erne, Great collab with Joseph, never expected less 👍🎸🎶
11/02/17 08:23:01PM @erne:
Thank you Joseph.


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