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08/14/19 05:36:07AM
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Just popped in...


So... been a while.
Who’s still around here?
03/04/08 04:49:31PM
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Let's hear from the Bassists on IMS !!!

hi... can i join in..?

i use a schecter 5-string straight into my laptop via a tascam interface to record it.
i also have a custom fretless (non-fender) jazz (but it has a ground problem and i can;t be bothered to fix it), a 7/8 upright with a shadow underfoot pup with on board preamp, and a yamaha rbx-800 4-string... they all go in the same way. the jazz and the yamaha both have a p-j pup set and are passive (yes... the jazz does not have 2 singles)... the schecter has active (top and bottom) eq... which i tend to run on 'cut'.

live i would use a GK 112 backline fore the upright, as it has a nice flat response, and i have an ashdown mag-300 head through a deep peavey 410 with an attenuated (but tiny and useless) horn.

i generally hate bass VST's... sorry..!!
i have an acoustic guitar, and don't use it at all very much... i know a guitarist... :)
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