Frank Northcutt
Frank Northcutt
Frank Northcutt

Party Tonight

album: Toast
genre: Rock
streams: 29

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Traveling back to that mid-60's Yardbirds, Animals style with this one. A little rough, but I guess it's supposed to be. Special thanks to Farrell Jackson,...
Party Tonight
03/06/20 06:41:19AM @cooter:
Sounds like a party to me, Frank! Very nicely done.
02/29/20 12:51:42PM @jimsae:
This is a cool one! Love the vibe, the harp, the lyrics, guitar, everything.
Frank Northcutt
02/28/20 04:29:17PM @frank-northcutt:
Thank you, Ron! I appreciate it.
Frank Northcutt
02/28/20 09:42:23AM @frank-northcutt:
Thank you, Farrell. And thanks for the great harp work and mastering! Added a lot of life to the track.
Farrell Jackson
02/28/20 09:30:21AM @farrell-jackson:
This is a fun song Frank! The sound, style, and production is down and dirty early classic nailed it!



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