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Gary Carciello

Gary Carciello - Nigel Potter : Angel Of Destiny

user image 2008-03-08
By: Gary Carciello
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Gary Carciello - Nigel Potter : Angel Of Destiny

I have wanted long time to do collab song with Nigel Potter and finally it happens.We both like sci-fi stories so i send him basic storyline for the song...Nigel write great lyrics and his vocal performance was perfect for this song!!!
I really enjoy this song.
Thank you Nigel!This means a lot to me...
I miss Rob...i hope that he get well soon.

Gary C

03/11/08 12:30:20AM @tlt50:
We, all miss Rob.........
03/10/08 11:27:14AM @ab1:
i thought it sounded great too gary.. :-) miss you rob..
Luca Wulf
03/09/08 06:49:01PM @huge-artist:
Thank you Gary.
The honour was mine,and yes...
I miss Rob too.



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