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Gary Carciello

Gary Carciello - Life Under The Surface

By Gary Carciello, 2012-05-10
Gary Carciello - Life Under The Surface

<p>Check out my new song"Life Under The Surface".</p><p>I have keep low profile a long time with my own music because i have focused pretty much doing collabs with Rayon Vert and my work as music teacher has take too much time. Now situation has changed better direction, and i have time to do my own music too. Maybe there is some old mixposure artists who remember my collab works with&nbsp; Rob Grant, Brian Ralston, Shane, Nigel Potter, Bri-an, Doctor C, Carol Sue and Digger Stone. Those songs and artists bring great memories to me.</p><p>I hope that you like the song and there will be more GC songs coming soon.</p>

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Carciello, Grant, Doctor C and Brian Ralston - Call Of The Wild

New song from Carciello,Grant,Doctor C and Self Tort.<br /><br />I have song idea that Doctor C made new arrangement and with help of gents like Rob Grant and Brian Ralston you know that it's gonna work!<br /><br />If you like classic rock...this is for you!<br /><br />Gary Carciello<br />

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Gary Carciello / Self Tort / Doctor C - Kick in The Guts

<p>I was lucky to get Brian Ralston to sing this song...he did excellent work and Doctor C add his amazing hammonds for this song..</p>
<p>Kick In The Guts - New song with Brian Ralston and Doctor C.</p>
<p><a href=""></a></p>
<p>Gary C</p>

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Gary Carciello - Nigel Potter : Angel Of Destiny

By Gary Carciello, 2008-03-08
Gary Carciello - Nigel Potter : Angel Of Destiny

I have wanted long time to do collab song with Nigel Potter and finally it happens.We both like sci-fi stories so i send him basic storyline for the song...Nigel write great lyrics and his vocal performance was perfect for this song!!!
I really enjoy this song.
Thank you Nigel!This means a lot to me...
I miss Rob...i hope that he get well soon.

Gary C

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