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Gary Carciello / Self Tort / Doctor C - Kick in The Guts

user image 2008-05-11
By: Gary Carciello
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Gary Carciello / Self Tort / Doctor C - Kick in The Guts

<p>I was lucky to get Brian Ralston to sing this song...he did excellent work and Doctor C add his amazing hammonds for this song..</p>
<p>Kick In The Guts - New song with Brian Ralston and Doctor C.</p>
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<p>Gary C</p>

05/13/08 03:07:04AM @self-tort:
Gary, thanks for asking me to be involved. You hopefully know since the old mixposure days how much I admire both you and Doc. I was running close to the dealine lyrically as I wanted to record this properly in the studio and had only one booked session left. I loved this track from the basic backing track Gary created and what's happened since he and Doc have gone to town instrumentally has been amazing. An absolute pleasure.

Thanks again. And thanks to all for their kind words.



05/13/08 02:20:12AM @ab1:
indeed excellent work - and by all of you as well gary.. nice production.. awesome guitar.. near the end.. oh man..
05/29/08 11:45:24AM @tlt50:
Awesome tune !!.BTW *Happy Birthday*

all the best,
Larry T.....

05/13/08 08:14:38AM @bri-an:
Heard this on nexus last night...whhooosh!! Suberb work by all involved!


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