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Gary Dabrowski
Gary Dabrowski


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genre: ROCK
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creation date: 2019-02-03

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Composition written and all instruments, except drums, performed (on the Korg Poly-61) by Gary Paul Dabrowski (©2005 All Rights Reserved)  
Gary Dabrowski
02/06/19 10:13:11AM @gary-dabrowski:
Carol Sue...TY for listening and the compliment!...
carol sue
02/06/19 08:54:29AM @carol-sue:
Polly rock~ and so does Gary!! :)
You showed them keys how to do it right!

Gary Dabrowski
02/05/19 03:43:19PM @gary-dabrowski:
Tony...thanks for listening and the compliment...cheers!
tony cee
02/05/19 01:47:17PM @tony-cee:
nice keys gary, you know your way around them brilliant stuff....cheers …….tony cee
Gary Dabrowski
02/05/19 08:07:58AM @gary-dabrowski:
Farrell...thanks for listening and the compliment!...if my playing reminds you of those great organists, it makes me feel I've accomplished for collaborating, we'll talk!...
Farrell Jackson
02/03/19 11:31:19PM @farrell-jackson:
I love that dirty organ sound takes me back to the times of Jimmy Smith, John Lord, and Lee Michaels. Have you ever thought of covering In A Gadda Di Vida? I would help you out with this if you did...although I doubt that you would need any help from what I've heard so far. You are a real talent on the keys and guitar Gary!
Gary Dabrowski
02/03/19 05:35:36PM @gary-dabrowski:
Moe...thanks for the compliment!...I wouldn't worry about that being politically least I'm not 'offended'...Oy Vie...jajaja
02/03/19 04:42:22PM @moequinn:
You sure can play dem keys Gary
Polly want a cracker ~ hmmm is that politically correct ;)


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