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Gary Hart
Gary Hart

Silent Night_Rocker_Featuring Digger

album: Silent Night
genre: Holiday Songs 2011
streams: 599
creation date: 2011-12-01

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Gary Hart: Guitars, Production Digger Stone: Vocalist This is the first time ever that Digger and I are kicking the can at a Christmas song! Yes!! Even us...
Silent Night_Rocker_Featuring Digger
Gary Shukoski
07/07/16 06:33:54AM @gary-shukoski:
Nice! I got a bit of Christmas spirit on my page as well. Kudos to ya!
12/15/14 02:30:50AM @digger-stone:
and merry metal Christmas everybody!


12/15/14 02:29:19AM @digger-stone:
this really is great, but if you still have the Masters we can make this completely badass
Lyrical Princess
12/09/14 08:49:47PM @lyrical-princess:
I love the intro.. The sound of a music box being wound up. with the twinkling of music to follow just as you'd expect to hear.. But not in a Christmas carol. (What instrument is used for the music box ? Keys ? This is Brilliant. It is definitely one of a kind & my Newest favorite version. Gary ..? You & Digger really blew me away with this. I knew I was going to be in for a treat, just because you Both know how to Rock with style.. But I never expected this. This is truly Wonderful. I am in awe! I've listened 3 times now.. Am adding it to my playlist. Thank you for the D/L ~ 5***** Plus!!! Did I mention that I Love "Silent Night"?


12/03/11 02:42:10PM @jeff-mccurry:
sweet guys! this has that 50's bebop feel and a nice guitar track to boot! wonder what grandma got ran over by a reigndeer would sound like? thanks for the jams.....jeffro
12/03/11 02:20:49AM @digger-stone:
You know it's funny...when Rock sent me this, i was worried that it was way out of my range. the key of c-major is not your average rock key..or for that matter blues. and i let the Rock know my concerns about just that!

but he was very sure i could pull this off, so who am i to tell him he is wrong. i knew his arrangment was stellar, and i knew with the right singer it was gonna be smokin..

as far as i'm concernd... i got lucky!

i am very pleased that so meney have taken this song for what it is.. and aloud it to bring the christmas feeling of joy, peace and love into there moment of listening...

on a more personal note: Lucindra... i guess the fact that you allmost felt the Christmas sperit where so meney others did, lends it's self to the very person that you truly are..

you know what i'm talking about...


12/02/11 09:51:10PM @lucindra:
Excellent choice of song and approach for delivery......the wind up music box had a nostalgic feeling and sucked the listener in deeper......knowing Digger was getting ready to Kick Ass to a classic with Gary's soaring guitar was something to look forward to....even with high expectations I feel satisfied......almost feel the Holiday spirit..almost
12/02/11 01:51:00PM @cooter:
Everything Rocker and digger touch, turns to killer. No exception here. I enjoy how the melody is not touched much, but the arrangement is altogether different, fun, and new.

Great job, guys!


12/01/11 09:48:14PM @dazed:
Brilliant!! This is absolutely fantastic! Love the remake you guys did on this. Excellent arrangement!
12/01/11 07:06:34PM @austn:
Awesome meld of "Classical" vibes and "HOT" rock 2 an Xplosive Xmas melody... A Dynamic Vocal approach is thrown 2 boot on that old familar tune...luv the bouncing bass on this as it keeps the sleigh driv'N on...cruiZing down the Christ-mas lane...the deep Xplosive bass piano used to break up the passage meld/blendZ is awesome and I luv the full chorus on that last passage...HaPpY HoliDaYs Gary, Digger ...this get's the X-M A S M O O D moving N such trying times...Luv it...ThanX~Austn
12/01/11 01:50:49PM @mizieya:
This is a great lesson in how to make a hymn or a carol sexy, raunchy, full of energy and Bite. Wonderfully put together especially the music box intro that reminded me of Siouxsie And The Banshees "Mother/Oh Mein Papa". This is a neat innovation. Great and i mean GREAT vocals. I want those vocals!! They rock.
12/01/11 08:55:33AM @laser76489:
Very cool guys. A nice spin on the old tune, I get tired of the same thing good to mix it up. Great Job
12/01/11 08:11:46AM @nightrain:
Awesome. Digger is Bad a$$. And so is Rocker. I "DIGRocker" it.
12/01/11 07:37:15AM @josephrodz:
Yes,my kinda style and 2 of good rockers doin a rockin' Christmas song. Happy Rockin' Holidays!
Mista Perez
12/01/11 07:32:14AM @mista-perez:
Yes I can finally get some great christmas music from mixposure. this is AMAZING my friend.
Farrell Jackson
12/01/11 10:31:43AM @farrell-jackson:
Outstanding rockin' version of Silent Night Gary and Digger! The vocal is excellent Digger. Gary the guitar has your fine signature rockin' sound. Both of you have done well. The thing that really impresses me and takes it over the top is the way this production is put together.....nice touch with the music box intro and outro... a great build up with a subtle exit with lot's of filling between.....real pro production guys!


Jim Easton
12/02/11 09:39:06AM @jim-easton:
What great ideas and fresh approach to this classic, very enjoyable guys-!! Happy Holidays-!!
12/24/11 02:40:26PM @saturated:
Great collab guys!! Just heard this for the first time today and as it always is from both of you guys.. you DELIVER!

Loved it!

12/07/11 10:33:29PM @tlt50:
This starts out so sweet and innocent...I type as I listen....very awesome....! OK here we go...!~! First the music,(fabulous backing tracks) deliver that PEACE we all need..!~! Digger bro.... way to friggin' cool buddy...Gary and Digger..... brilliant....KUdos...yep had to share this... AwwwwwwOoooooooSOME "BROS"


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