Gary Hart
Gary Hart
Gary Hart


album: Shining Through
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 2,441
creation date: 2008-09-19

07/10/18 06:13:38PM @yrralmallik:
Enjoyed Da Listen (;ROCK ON;)
sly puppy
04/06/18 02:42:51PM @emocion:
Powerful track with a grit and bite to it - brings to mind many rock classics but has its own feel to : interesting twists and turn keep the interest flowing and that’s a real strong hook line too !!
04/01/18 06:36:35AM @ronbowes:
Very 'eavy. Powerful rocker going on here! Cool axework.
01/24/11 04:28:55AM @dave-meredith:
Haha.... that start shocked me!!.. in a good way. Ive never really heard much hard rock in my life and if this is an idication of what its all about then in terms of production,vocal and overall "hard rock" feel this is top quality work!!.. Cool riffs, deep guitars and quality drums and to top it off a vocal and vocal melody that sits in the mix to a high standard!!... Cheers for sharing Gary... Cool solo !
12/15/10 12:20:55AM @matthew-fredrick:
Holy Maidens Priest Batman!!! This song is awesome!
05/15/10 11:05:46PM @andenmephistol:
was pretty rockin
i liked the lead guitar

03/14/10 03:25:28PM @romeo-mascarinas:
I can't help but keep coming back to this page and listen to BLACK. That's what I call super rock soundz!!! Thanks again
02/24/10 11:25:09PM @1-aztlan-nation-mr-mx1:
black is awsome, Sick guitar sounds and lyrics are black too. The whole song falls together perfectly. keep up the cool tunes.
11/25/09 01:00:56PM @jeff-nesbit:
Heavy Metal,done the right way. With all the right stuff to make it truly an inspriation....great smokin' guitar riffs that ring out with originality. Honest,clean vocals.And a thundering bottom end from great bass and drums... I've listened to the whole album and have enjoyed it all..And you will to... I appreciate people who take their music seriously and Gary Hart is one of them....
11/10/09 08:58:06AM @nick-relation:
your right this tune smokes
10/31/09 12:31:00PM @buddrumming:
Hey Gary.... Rockin on this tune...lots energy on this the guitar work on this tune..catching vocals too...Love rocks...Thx, Bud
The Rascal Theorist
09/21/09 08:31:28PM @the-rascal-theory:
this kicks serious tail man..epic raging guitars...i love it...the sound is alive and i felt like i was in the session..very cool
10/17/09 08:45:55PM @the-jet-black-project:
Classic riff with lots of energy! Very alive.
07/18/09 01:23:13AM @digger-stone:
man, i am blown away! straight into my favs!

i love your vox! bad ass!

12/29/08 09:49:25PM @vesa:
A really good rocker...fine guitar artistry...good tone, solid sound. Fine vocals with a nifty edge to well for me. Fine chording/phrases..good syncin' -Great percussion & of course bass. This is very superb. FINE ARRANGEMENT-GRRAT PRODUCTION-GOOD MIX. Love it...not just because you're a fellow Ontarian, (lol) It's darn EXCELLENT. A fave rock tune. Good one. Cheers.

11/30/08 06:24:12PM @tlt50:
From the first note....I knew ,this would ROCK !!! Superb guitar work... great vocals,,,, Outstanding songwriting.... nice production.... Excellent.... :-) !!!!!


10/27/08 03:41:54AM @dusty-burch:
Great guitar playing. I like the harmonics, good tone too. Has a live feel
I like it, good stuff!


stone bullits
12/23/08 06:50:07AM @stonebullits:
this is freakin killer bro!

you should be very proud of this! my first record did not sound half this good!

rock on my heavy metal brother!

09/28/08 12:06:47AM @the-autumleaf:
Solid Guitars and Nice Vocals, I loved the Rhythm guitars the best
Rocking Leads -Well Done !!!!

09/25/08 01:29:26AM @fvzz:
awesome song. i think the vocals could be tweaked; like refined a bit, cleaned up, etc. but other than that i find it very original and rockin'.
09/24/08 01:49:08PM @ab1:
I like it too man.. in fact i love it!.. usually i say a lot.. but i just wanna listen to this..
09/20/08 07:09:44PM @vesa:
Great to listen to a fellow Canadian SUPERB rocker.The guitar just pulls me in so well. Great!!
Sooner than later I'd get here. I've been teaching solidly.(learning more tech stuff.)in N.W. Ontario as an 'Internet School Instructor'; --my chains are lose today (lol)
Great solid vocals. Love the guitar fast chording; has a percussive effect. Solid vocals. Good lyrics...all sounds/instruments in the right placement; fab sound mix. Just sheer delightful guitar palying;tasty stuff. A real good production. Give the drummer a pat on the back.
EXCELLENT!! See you.
-Your fellow Ontarian friend. -Vesa.

09/20/08 07:30:28AM @steph-klish:
vocals are smooth and on key ,good harmonies
all instruments fit great together
arrangment well done.
good lead solo work.
Nice job Guys

Rob Grant
09/19/08 05:26:20PM @rayon-vert:
Definitely a rockin' track....your drummer is pretty darn awesome :-) Guitar work is GREAT!! Bass player has a lot of drive and the vocals are great. WELCOME to MIXPOSURE!!!

09/19/08 02:15:59PM @gregc:
Enjoyed the overall sound, driving rhythm.. Maybe it's just me, but it sounded a little off sync in a few spots..but I liked it.

But hey, who am I to criticize

09/19/08 12:02:18PM @jkondrak:
Great lead guitar with good effects & good fast drumming. Cool looking CD cover, too - a good concept for shining through. Good solo starting about 2:20 - I can hear the VH influence in slides, grinds, etc...

Welcome to the mix...

09/30/08 12:34:09PM @slowmarchingband:
Great playing Gary! Big sound for sure!
09/17/09 10:22:24AM @gabriel-sabadi:
One word ENERGY ! Simply love your style Gary !
Chris Georgiou
11/28/08 07:02:15PM @chris-georgiou:
Gary this is such a killer song, great driving guitars and fantastic solo, whole performance is full of dynamic, yes, this kicks, like it.
09/23/08 10:30:01PM @piperon:
Judging from your vocal, you must be very young. To get started with music at the age of 8 is very very lucky to me coz I only managed to learn music when I was 15. It is the passion within that keep us going - whether success or not - don't put it too hard on yourself like your hardrock music coz the music industry is very very competitive. Your skill in the guitar driving and passion is definitely way beyond the norm. Keep doing this stuff and perhaps one day who know will knock on your door.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.


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