Gary Hart
Gary Hart
Gary Hart

Light of Day

album: Collaboration Corner - Artist Around The world
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 458
creation date: 2011-01-21

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Gary Hart: Guitars, Bass, Music, Mixing Bill Johnson: Lyrics, Vocals, Mastering Well Digger! What can I say man...but Another Bad Ass song we have put out...
Light of Day
04/29/18 05:45:40PM @ronbowes:
Powerful rocker. Nice job guys
Barefoot Music
04/06/18 11:28:03AM @barefoot-music-group:
11/08/11 03:10:36PM @nightrain:
Awesome tune. Love Diggers vocals too.
01/22/11 08:25:06PM @tlt50:
Diggin' the crazy intro...:) Fantastic depth and creativity in this production.Stoney..:),,,,freakin' killar' vocal work bro. !! Gary......guitar (s) are brilliant... exceptional track gents/////:)))) ***** WTG,


01/21/11 09:37:05AM @autopilot-club:
Great track, with class A vocals from Digger!
Distinctive - a true signature voice.
Agree with bri-an & joseph, the hiphop/scratch drumloop doesnt work for me either - takes away the dynamics that this tune deserves (imho), leaving the vox/gtrs alone to do the job. But apart that, it doesnt change the fact this is a great tune.
A fine collab indeed, awaiting more from you two in the future!

01/21/11 08:46:07AM @easton-brothers:
Another ROCKIN' tune guys! LOVE the lyrics. Guitar is outstanding, as always. Keep 'em coming our way guys. Fine stuff to wake me up. Better than coffee!!!
Mark E.

01/21/11 08:39:56AM @josephrodz:
I dont do "Critical" reviews,but in my oppinion the guitars as always are great, Gary is a true performer and Digger is a natural rocker but for me the bass and drums dont fit well with the song.....dont know, but needs more bass and drums power to fit the guitars and vocals.
The song has potential,is an unpolished gem.
If this is your vision of the track i respect that,but try to use this loop of drum in specific locations,like the calm part and then put a killer drum and a punchy bass in the hard part.
Good Luck!

01/16/12 04:48:13AM @the-erik-jurado-experience:
Kick ass vocals is right! The guitars are cool on this too. This is a great collaboration! Noticing the "critical" review request, the only thing that I would do different is less reverb. But then again, I usually end up getting suggestions to add reverb, so I think you're probably good! Great tune - critically speaking. LMAO!! Thanks for the download!!!
01/21/11 09:14:54AM @gary-hart:
Thank you kindly for the Critical review boy's! In version 2, I will fix that! Until Then...Rock on!!


Farrell Jackson
01/21/11 11:27:30AM @farrell-jackson:
This is a very good song and performances on the guitars and vox Gary and Digger! Since you've already got the feedback on the drums and bass, no need for me to hammer those. Good song and I enjoyed it. I'll watch for version #2.


01/21/11 02:41:10PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Really dig the groove guys. I LOVE Diggers voice, always have. He has a very unique style that I instantly recognize. The guitar is killer Gary and compliments the vocals very well.

Man I hate giving critical reviews since every artist puts their hearts and soul into every composition. I would suggest if I may to pull back on the reverb on the guitar, it puts it too far back in the mix. The drum track sounds like a click track, which is ok, but if it was my song i would add a few more kits to it for some variety. The bass seems almost hidden, to my ears anyways. definitely needs some EQ work and maybe a touch of distortion to give at an edge.

Just some nimor fixes to an otherwise superb song !


Rob Grant
01/21/11 04:41:25PM @rayon-vert:
Vocals and guitars are GREAT!! I REALLY like the chord progression, too. I like the bass lines, but could be a little clearer, in the mix. I probably wouldn't have noticed the drums, because I don't unless they are outstanding. That's not to say that a loop doesn't necessarily work, but I do pick up on Brian's comment. In any case......Another GREAT track from you two. Keep makin' 'em!!!

01/21/11 05:54:05PM @gary-hart:
Dace!! You nailed it right on the head my friend! That's exactly what I do best! Bust all the music rules!! Rules are for people that like to follow!! Not me when it comes to music. That's what it's all about to me!! Make music different! You rock brother!! Took the thoughts right out of my head!

Don't get me wrong here! Ive heard it all before and I do respect on what people opinion are! Because that's there thoughts and I'm all cool with that!!
If I had an opinion on a song good or bad! I'd say it!! It's an opinion! It's all good! Welcome to the music world! Fun eh!!

Rock on my friends! Thanks to everyone for listening to my music!


01/21/11 05:16:13PM @joel-tuttle:
very cool intro with the single note pickin and the rest of the song was a nice melody .......enjoyed it.
John R. Kennedy
01/22/11 02:55:42AM @john-r-kennedy:
Gary and Bill, Nice song with a kick but preformance and mix. Lots of energy going on here and the vocals are right up front. Great work guys!! John
Luca Wulf
01/22/11 09:39:33AM @huge-artist:
Well as version 2 is expected,no point in critical ears.
So I concentrate on what it is...
Second songs can be difficult...
The intital rush is done and now you have expectation to handle as well after the first was so broadly welcomed.

So with that in mind,my congrats on handling it so well and following the first song SO strongly.
It's a beast of song.
I can't help but hear this in album context.
What's the saying:"All killer no filler"

This reminds me of early Judas Priest.
I was fortunate enough to see,meet and share a few beers with them before anyone had heard their name.

It's not about volume.
The single biggest mistake being made by so many new bands .
They think if they jack up the recording,maxing out the wav file in a nuclear mastering,that it will somehow convey power by right.
Nope :)

Power is built into the bones of a song,and it has NOTHING to with how loud it later gets played.
Have it in the bones and when you crank,it will shake everything around it.

What impresses me most is simply what it IS.
It has power,class and a rightness about it.

IMHO gentlemen,if you go so far as to make an album,it will be something you will look back on as a turning point for you both.
IF you do do that album:
A: I want it.
B: Push it out there,you never know.

Love it guys.


12/22/11 01:40:06PM @shane:
nicely done ! quite expressive and on fire.
01/16/12 08:25:37PM @dazed:
Can't believe I missed this one. Gary you have such a great rock guitar sound. Diggers vox are right on the mark to make this one stick in your head. Yep I am digging it.
01/21/11 08:21:47AM @bri-an:
critical huh?..ok. Diggers vocals as always have excellent depth and a powerful resolve...where as if he was to go accapella with this would still come across as amazing.
Guitars are very "alive" and played with lots of content, the tone seems to meld in very well with the freq's of digg's voice.
The bass, falls a little short of the mark...8 bar loop? so when it goes into the chorus, it lacks depth and dynamic's...where as if the listener was expecting an uplifting change..there isn't.
..The drum program doesn't help in way to lift the performance and emotion release of Digg's voice.. it again, lacks depth and character...if your intent was to have the drums sound like a drum machine...well, so be it.
It's a great toon. I believe the effort in the bass & drum's at this point is pruely for reference.
my opinon. critical enough?

01/22/11 12:44:48PM @cooter:
I see "Critical" review requested. With that in mind, and that these are simply my opinions... and without reading any of the other reviews, yet:

First thing my ears notice is the bottom end of the overall mix is *very* thin. Perhaps a volume thing, maybe some eq-ing? Or, maybe it's just me and my ears...

This is a great tune, guys! Love the instrumentation, musicianship, and vocals. You guys are a mucho-potent combination! Only the best things to say about the song!

Love the song.


03/06/11 12:42:22AM @dukartserang:
I'm coming. nice~ go on....


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