Gene Smith
Gene Smith
Gene Smith

Simple Reflections (feat J. Rodriguez)

album: The Album That Will Never Be
genre: Acoustic
streams: 428
creation date: 2012-10-05

  Song Lyrics
Simple Reflections, Gene Smith, August 2012. Version 1 This summer its been a harsh one, August Sunday left me all alone I can't imagine life without you,...
  Song Information
Wrote this song for my little sister who lost her husband of 30+ years on a Sunday in August 2012.
Simple Reflections (feat J. Rodriguez)
carol sue
04/22/20 06:51:22AM @carol-sue:
Seen your link when out and about..
I sure miss you ((hug)) ...tears roll down my face listening to this again.
I am sure God is blessing you. Much love, xoxo

10/11/18 08:21:46PM @the-truevulgarians:
Farewell Gene... you were a decent and caring person with whom I shared the love of music and friendship. I will miss you...
10/09/18 08:10:28AM @pulley:
RIP Gene ... I will miss you. This song is absolutely beautiful.
Farrell Jackson
10/08/18 10:25:25PM @farrell-jackson:
RIP Gene.......goodbye my friend
10/08/18 04:52:23PM @ronbowes:
RIP Gene
carol sue
10/08/18 03:16:20PM @carol-sue:
Thank you for sharing your music and friendship over the years,
and thank you for all of your wonderful Dj shows at Mixposure.
We will miss you. <3 Rest in peace.
Today, this song of yours takes on a new meaning. ::cry::

carol sue
09/22/17 11:54:20AM @carol-sue:
02/18/16 10:43:37PM @gene-smith:
Thanks Moe, glad you enjoyed it, it is a bit special
02/18/16 06:59:05PM @moequinn:
Today I found out that you had written/sang this song for your sister who lost her husband of 30+ years ~ I would have discovered this if I had read the song info ~ thanks for enlightening me
02/17/16 10:50:03PM @moequinn:
I do love this song of yours ~ it is heartfelt & touches my heart perhaps I am wrong but, I can feel the perception...that you suffered a great loss in your life...a loved one whom you loved dearly...I feel this throughout the song...especially at the end...where you sing/say I love did bring tears to my eyes & a sadness to sing from the heart Gene....& J Rod was just the right back-up music ....if I have posted a comment before on this song....forgive my senior's old people get forgetful...please carry on with your talent.. your singing & you are indeed worthy
Alison Reynolds
04/17/15 06:47:33PM @alison-reynolds:
Really enjoyed your song. Love the clean sound you have both with your guitar work and your voice, very soothing! Nice!
Farrell Jackson
12/18/14 10:47:31AM @farrell-jackson:
Back for another listen and it sounds just as good as it did the first time around!
N. Parker
10/05/14 11:40:35AM @n-parker:
Great song DR & JR. Really like the laid back guitar and the vocals are a perfect match for the mood of the lyrics. Has a very 'today' vibe. Congrats.
Brett Service
10/15/13 10:54:24PM @brett-service:
Really like the guitar voicing within that finger pickin riff. Almost sounds like an alternate tuning. Really nice airy mix. Lyrics that many of us can relate to... 'i just can't seem to find the ground'... great line. peace, Brett
10/09/13 12:14:36PM @harry-v-singer-songwriter:
What a beautiful track, wonderful song. Added this one to my playlist My Favorite Songs ♥ love from Holland.
03/21/13 09:37:39PM @josephrodz:
Oopss,I thought I place a review here.
well,You know this song kikazz and you need to do more songs like this,ENCORE!!!

Farrell Jackson
02/12/13 11:28:44AM @farrell-jackson:
Beautiful DR and Joseph! A real acoustical master piece that is excecuted perfectly!


02/10/13 09:32:53PM @cooter:
Geez, I cannot believe I missed making a comment on this wonderful tune.

Gene, you and Joseph did a wonderful piece of work here. The beautiful lyric fits so nicely into the music. You have a fine voice, too, Gene. I love this tune.


02/10/13 09:11:31AM @john-frederick:
This is a nice song Gene Keep makin music The words are beautiful. Love all the guitars here.
Tommie Brewster
02/10/13 02:03:29AM @tommie-brewster:
This is quite simply beautiful. In every way.
10/05/12 04:33:12PM @david-c-deal:
Joseph's guitar does add a nice touch to this already, pretty song Gene.
10/05/12 05:10:53PM @mysty:
Thanks Big Brother ... I've always told you not to hold back and you would sound good and the words to this are so sad but so soothing at the same sang it exactly how I feel at this time...I really do hope I find my ground next summer...And I will have to agree with songdoc, jrod you put an excellent touch to it ... thank you.
P Eric Bailey
12/15/12 05:17:19PM @p-eric-bailey:
Hi Gene:

This is a very well done song. Beautiful lyrics, great guitar playing and I must say you have a very good voice.

"Sometimes I feel so lonely now, I just can't seem to find the ground" I really like that line.

My hats off to you and J.

I am glad we are becoming friends,


Lyrical Princess
06/17/13 03:25:10PM @lyrical-princess:
Sonic torture devices ? Oh fiddle faddle.. This song brought tears to my eyes. You give yourself far too little credit.. You have a very gentle tone in your voice. I can tell that you are singing from the heart. And the lyrics??? Oh my!! Those are Amazing... You have a Gift, that's for sure.. Let's not let it go to waste.. And Joseph did an Amazing job too.. I Absolutely Love this..

All The Best,
Linda (LP)

10/08/12 09:26:00AM @digital-j:
Gene, i think you are star mate, you really have a great voice, i was really taken back by this song, it was very heart felt. If you can move people like this with your singing, i definitely want you on my tracks......We must work together and make you more tracks to do : )

Good job mate, well done, great great track with Joseph....

05/09/13 04:38:58PM @vig-wig:
I am late to the p[arty as usual. I played this on my show last night just a little while after you left and it grows on you. You created something special.


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