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Gene Smith
Gene Smith

The Distant Light (orig)

album: The Album That Will Never Be
genre: Unknown
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creation date: 2012-10-19

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A soldiers dream is to come home,to his wife and his son newborn.But the hatred burns, and his blood runs red,and they are left all alone.Freedom rings...
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This song was a first for me in many ways. It as the first song I recorded on a computer using multiple tracks as a project, the first song recorded with my...
The Distant Light (orig)
08/22/15 11:43:06AM @shane:
several beauty points to this, and in particular , the flow of the guitar main track feels sublime - moving.
05/08/15 07:58:18AM @mach:
Great song Gene. I thought I had commented on this from way back. Must be on the old forums. Gene this is really well put together. I agree with the Floyd references. Very nice Job! I need to re-visit all the Distant Light entries if they are on the site.
05/06/15 07:09:46PM @gene-smith:
Thanks for the kind words folks
05/06/15 04:31:11AM @kitmann:
Gene first of all thank you for this song, for me and for friends I have lost. Brother your playing and vocals are sweet. Again Thank you
Farrell Jackson
12/18/14 10:51:22AM @farrell-jackson:
Back again....this song has a timeless message
06/30/14 09:23:51AM @shane:
an audio visual contemplatatory episode. reminds us of times past and times that could come. Your vocal with acustic and the alto sax brings a flavour of Pink Floyd into this.. like Phil said. very nice work HipHop (DaddyRabbit),, lol.
10/10/13 09:07:34PM @bannanahammer:
Great song, man. I remember doing the little kid and bawling my eyes out. Still brings a small tear to my eye whenever I hear it today. 10/10
10/02/13 07:32:31PM @gene-smith:
Thanks for the kind review Harry. It's a very old track (my first ever recording attempt actually). I'm glad you got the feel for what the song meant through my horrible execution of the track.
10/02/13 05:47:44PM @harry-v-singer-songwriter:
When I was 5 I asked my dad: what is war? He took me to Margraten, military cemetery close to our town. I was amazed at the neat rows of thousands of crosses, a davids star here and there. He said: "look, under every one of those crosses lies a man. There are thousands of places like this all over the world. I can't tell you what a war is, but this is what it does. "
Love this song. rated ☆☆☆☆☆
Thanks for visiting and liking my songs, there's more to follow.
Love from Holland ♥

05/30/13 06:58:40PM @ron-kauffman:
Sad, but true song. Love the music. The lyric is touching in alot of ways! Peace, Ron
01/29/13 02:02:54PM @john-frederick:
This is a great song Im glad you put it back up. Very well done. Great playing and vocal.
Farrell Jackson
12/16/12 12:33:52PM @farrell-jackson:
A very emotional song and lyric....good work Gene!


P Eric Bailey
12/15/12 05:24:44PM @p-eric-bailey:

Believe it or not this has a Pink Floyd vibe to it. The lyrics remind me of my father who went away to war and he did not have the words to say what you have so eloquently stated. I could see that distant light shining on his road. I was lucky enough to have him return home.

Looking forward to your re-mix of this.


Lyrical Princess
06/17/13 03:45:32PM @lyrical-princess:
First of all, I really love how you have added your sons vocals (They are so clear (and innocent).. This song has a message that gives me chills to the core. It's very sad, and unfortunately true.. It's too bad that we have to live in a world where there is only distruction.. Why can't we all just get along ?? As sad & true as this song is, I think you & your son, did a wonderful job.. I'm looking forward to the re-mix..

All The Best,
Linda (LP)

06/17/13 07:38:21PM @gene-smith:
Thanks LP! It actually is a very old tune (1st posted in early 2006). He isn't so innocent now ;)


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