Gene Smith
Gene Smith
Gene Smith

Its Called Hope (Tommie Brewster and Gene Smith)

album: No Distance At All
genre: Acoustic
streams: 147
creation date: 2016-03-20

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I'm standing in the middle of nowhere. Wondering if I really want to go there Asking why I should even try To move on... And all that has been so far Why...
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Yet again Tommie Brewster takes a few of my words and turns them into this, I am honored. I have actually been holding on to this for a while because it...
Its Called Hope (Tommie Brewster and Gene Smith)
01/06/17 11:26:15AM @cooter:

Gene and Tommie, y'all warmed the cockles of my hopeful heart.  Mighty nice collab, you two!

03/22/16 08:14:56PM @erne:
So Beautiful
03/21/16 08:56:29PM @gene-smith:
Actually Tommie wrote quite a few lyrics on this as well, I really had a small part to play I think.
03/21/16 08:30:21PM @the-truevulgarians:
Excellent work by both of you. Tommie really creates a special atmosphere singing your lyrics. Memorable song! Need to hear even more from that Smith guy!
03/21/16 07:32:09PM @david-c-deal:
So very pretty and sad sounding, even though the lyrics hint of hope. Beautiful work.
03/21/16 07:13:35PM @gene-smith:
Thanks all, this is mostly Tommie B though, I just threw some lyrics and inspiration her way and she did that Tommie thing with them. Thanks again for the kind words!
03/21/16 03:51:44PM @scotswolfe:
WoW! Gene. The lyrics are full of feeling and well written.Paired with Tommie's voice, which is a joy to listen to...this is a superb collab with lyrics,voice and music all blending together so well.Kudos to both of you. Jim/SW
Farrell Jackson
03/21/16 02:16:23PM @farrell-jackson:
Very beautifully and delicately done Gene and Tommie! There are a lot of fine collabs at Mixposure but this is a real standout!!




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