Gene Smith
Gene Smith
Gene Smith


album: Nature Sounds
genre: Sound Clip
streams: 94

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Booommmm rumbleeee
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I am testing out my neww Zoom H4N field recorder (neat little piece of kit). This is a raw recording of a thunderstorm recorded from my front porch last...
Lyrical Princess
03/14/16 12:42:55AM @lyrical-princess:
You are really too hard on yourself. You've not only written some good songs, but you've done a lot here on Mix. It takes talent to be a DJ.. And you're darn good at it ;)
So, suck it up buttercup & marvel in March.

God writes and paints some of the most Glorious stuff :) You did a great job capturing his

03/13/16 09:20:42PM @gene-smith:
Can't take credit for this one LP, God wrote this one I just captured it lol. And thanks for the congrats, even if I disagree on the earning it part.
Lyrical Princess
03/13/16 09:17:36PM @lyrical-princess:
Congratulations on AOTM Gene.. This is so exciting!! I'm so happy for you :)

I love thunderstorms... listening to them. There is something very calming with every BOOM!! Maybe it's the energy..

Enjoy "YOUR" month ... You've earned it :)

Farrell Jackson
12/18/14 10:45:43AM @farrell-jackson:
It's difficult to capture the sound of nature and keep your recording equipment safe, lol. The H4N did a great job of recording the Thunder Storm Gene!
Barefoot Music
09/22/13 01:51:07AM @barefoot-music-group:
How wonderfully ironic that your Thunder & Rain are echoing what I have going on outside my window tonight. There is something melodic about rain drops falling & the crescendo of clapping thunder that I love.
05/12/13 06:45:11PM @cooter:
Thunder and rain are quite difficult instruments to play. You do it well. I guess you used an open tuning? ;-)


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