My Buddha ft. Bri-an/ Lodato

album: northern bound
genre: rock
streams: 26
creation date: 2024-03-24

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My Buddah lodato 7 -4 -2011 it's not so well  to be unkind to trample everyone it's always well  to be aligned  attached yet  never bound so has this bleak...
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Bri put some mojo where it belonged.
My Buddha ft. Bri-an/ Lodato
03/26/24 10:04:08PM @moequinn:
from 2011 I am glad you revived this one....so soothing to my spirit....to me it is similar to a chant to Buddah....thank you for sharing
Peace to you

03/25/24 10:19:21AM @tristynleach:
Such a different song to most out there,very spooky in a way in parts. Nice collab, production is very cool and the vocals and music is really inventive.
bill b
03/24/24 11:53:09PM @:
Nice one-I like it. The mix, its simplicity and contrast of the repeating percussion and electronic rgythmnic parts lending clarity wiht making the vocal lyric stand out.


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