Tim "Oz" Osborne AOTM for May 2024 Song of the Month from HiSQ & Minna Ora

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CEO OFFICIAL LOGO 5.jpg "Ozzy" has been making great music for years. I won't say how many... He's an incredible vocalist and a fine guitar player/bass player as well.  From the CEO Project: CEO Is Mark Elvidge , Stan Citrine , Oz Osborne A Band formed in November of 2020 made up of members from the UK and the States. The band formed out of a love for the music and Iconic Artist GARY NUMAN. Tim (Oz) Osborne had gotten ahold of a Gary Numan song that Mark Elvidge had composed and placed on a GN fan page on Facebook ,Oz took the song and added vocals and guitar and bass to it. The two had an internet meeting where Mark invited Oz to join in a Gary Numan Tribute record he was asked to play on. He mentioned his friend Stan Citrine would be on it as well, (Oz loved Stans work already ) so, it would be a fun adventurous project !  As Mark ,Stan, and Oz worked on a couple more songs and started posting their demos on the page David Handy from the band "Broken toys" Asked Oz to write and sing on  a couple of song projects of his own the 4 started networking and getting acquainted Thus making the  Project CEO. After the Tribute project was complete the 3 decided to embark on a complete cd's worth Of Gary Numan Music covers. Help Us by helping others Purchasing our music through donation on HERE :  https://heartwaycurch.org/home 

You can find some of Ozzy's music right here: https://mixposure.com/ceo/audio

Song of the Month May 2024 is from HiSQ & Minna Ora: The Story So Far:HiSQ & Minna Ora - The Story So Far

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