July Artist Of The Month 2024 Mizieya Song Of The Month Bad Love Junkie " A Place Called Home"

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About Mizieya: "Salutations Dear Listener. This is a comedy in three acts.: Breakfast, Lunch and Tea;  and I'm not planning on them being  late.  Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

Love or hate sultanas lets face it- they're wrinkly. Are you being served? Well fyi- this isn't about you. This is about me. I like Purple. I sing it in the key of Jazz. Sometimes its green with an edgy violet diminished chord. Can you hear the sea?

Have you seen my face lately? One moment its purple, next its blue....  and my eyes juggle every time I move. Yes. sweety thats called normalcy. Have you ever read a book? I did once and then it read me. Never underestimate the power of thought or presentation, after all, the chord is mightier than the pen.You see it's gotta be edgy. Original, with a star cast of unknowns and uncertaintys. It's gotta tickle the soul with demonic delight. A landscape of sounds, musical grass that tingles the soul everytime  a windchime.  A unique song caught by the breeze, like my thoughts but only farther...  It's true angels are everywhere whilst I am not, and when I close my eyes there's a sheep killing the blues. Baa-ing its teeth at me and I think to myself how rude. And then I remember it could be a winning smile.. Ha! Who am I kidding. It hates me!It's a riot of colour in my mind. A symphony of textures full of  Voice,: syntax and grammar, semi quavers, and crotchets. A soundscape that sends me to the cliff edge,  tottering on the precipice, unfurling my wings so i can fly, fly fly. Yes that's right, my pretties: I cascade into The dark vibrant noisescape where I can shed this mortal coil and be one with Lucifer: The Goddess of Music. A concerto vibrating in the ether. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you truly happy to see me? Oh you should be so lucky! Shhh. Hush now. Don't spoil the moment....So what I'm saying in a nutshell is....I love you but I love me so much more.I am the notes from underground. Chords, maybe. Possibly whole tunes.... It's decimal. I am the point.Tha tha tha tha thats all folks! thank you and goodnight!

The Mad Hatters Tea Party: starring MIZIEYA ©MIZIEYA 2011

You can hear Mizieya's music right here: https://mixposure.com/mizieya/audio


Song Of The Month From Bad Love Junkie "Fell In Love With A Switchblade Girl!" https://mixposure.com/bad-love-junkie/audio


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