Outstanding Fan Award For Mixposure March 2021 Maureen Quinn (Moe)

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By: JimsAE
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It was suggested by Ron Bowes that we should have an Outstanding Fan Award, and that the best person on the site to receive that award should be none other than Moe Quinn ! A wonderful suggestion for a great fan. Maureen has been to practically every show, has supported the many artists, even purchasing their music. Congrats, Moe! This is well deserved! 


12/21/23 03:50:29PM @winters-resurrection:
Tad late here as well.. But so well deserved!
Grats Moe!

11/23/23 04:18:39AM @lodato:
Maureen aka Moe aka a wonderful person and friend for many years, no one deserves an award more than Moe!
First I've seen this. Yep, a tad late...

07/07/21 07:09:55AM @josephrodz:
People like her are rare to find and I feel very honored to meet her over the years even in chat. very well deserved award.
03/16/21 09:07:35PM @moequinn:
Definitely late in coming but this is a well deserved award for Moe!

thanks Todd for this honor & for approving this award for me ~ it made my day

03/09/21 11:10:38PM @admin:
Definitely late in coming but this is a well deserved award for Moe!
03/05/21 10:52:56PM @moequinn:
Moe, your commitment to music on this site deserves recognition. I am very thankful for your many kind words and engaging conversation. Congratulations! @moquinn

thank you @the-london-project I always enjoy your music & love bonding with my Mix friends in chatroom ~ thank you for your kind words & congratulations Moe

03/05/21 10:48:26PM @moequinn:
Regina & Tony too
I did not know how else to do this ~ if you can't get in the front door...go around the back ~ you truly touched my heart with your thoughts (shown below) ~ thank you so much dear Regina & Tony ....you rendered me speechless....hard to believe...

felt as overjoyed of this announcement for you as you did. Ive never met a truer FAN. Your support is priceless. Ive loved you since day one of meeting you here. You are amazing. Mixposure wouldn't be the same without you Mojo. It would be so well deserved if you kept this title for as long as this achievement award, recognition & honor took to honor the years of dedication. I love you Mojo. Super giagiantic Congratulations from Tony & I. You make me so happy in your presence always. None of these outstanding artists could ever replace a fan like you. Myself included. Thank you for embracing us with so much love and open arm welcoming here. CHEERS. FOREVERMORE IN ORDER. BLESS YOU MOJO. FROM OUR HEARTS.

03/04/21 10:24:06PM @moequinn:
OMG!! I didn't even know this was posted until April of @warrioth-rowley mentioned it to me in a Private Note
I was at Jim R's show on Monday evening ~ co-hosted by Mike Olson & was flabbergasted (damn that is an old word...even older than me) when Jim & Mike made this announcement....I was & am overjoyed....this so touched my heart. I joined MixPosure in 2013 urged by a member who used to be quite active at Mix. Since then my love of music has grown & evolved. I truly love MixPosure, the musicians, members & the vast selection of genres & great music. I especially enjoy attending the almost nightly music shows, enjoying the music played & bonding with the people in chatroom (& the DJ's are exceptional hosts) Since joining MixPosure years ago I no longer listen to the radio as Mix has all I need musically....also I find music is very therapeutic...it is my refuge from the chaos & stresses of life.....is this getting too wordy....I cannot imagine my life without music....& MixPosure is my happy place to be....
Thank you so much for this honor....I feel blessed in so many ways
PS thanks to the welcome from the musicians and members of MixPosure I no longer consider myself as just a fan....I am an avid fan & so happy to be here
also...thank you @eric-saitz, @warrioth-rowley & @carol-sue for your kind & loving comments.....and thank you for anyone else who may also comment on this post
oh yes, almost forgot...thank you @ron.bowes for thinking of this honor....& thanking Todd for agreeing to it...& Jim R & Mike O for presenting this to me....
OK done...all talked out Whew! :)

Eric Saitz
03/04/21 05:43:07PM @eric-lee-saitz:
What a great idea and so well deserved Moe :)

carol sue
03/04/21 08:52:59AM @carol-sue:
So well deserved! *****
Moe is a lovely soul and everyone just loves her company.
Congratulations on this Outstanding Fan Award!! :)


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