Artist of the Month May 2022 Animal Souls Music/Song Of The Month "California" Steve Aliment

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"Animal Souls   is an alternative rock/pop ensemble headed by bassist/producer Michael Fisher. ​Originally from Burlington, Ontario, Michael settled in BC in 1983, stopping first in Courtenay, BC, which at the time was a hotbed for musicians and artists and provided the inspiration to make a go at music. In the ensuing years, Michael played in a few 'Feldman' bands, studied recording and music marketing at Columbia Academy in Vancouver, took a stab at artist management and promotions and wrote and recorded a lot of songs at his home studio in Vancouver's West End (Holly Lodge). However, like many will attest to, it's a hard way to make a living, so he got a real job with Ticketmaster/Live Nation. Throughout his employment, Michael still pursued music on the side, playing in many original acts and cover bands.

​Fast forward to 2020 and the onset of Covid... the changing times inspired Michael to write some new music and draw from his catalog of past writings. In December of that year he set about to produce a 10-track album 'Wisdom of Crowds' which was released in August, 2021 and features some of the best musicians in the Fraser Valley.

Recently Michael released 'Lessons of Love', a rock-folk hybrid that features some of the same players off the first album and a few more new additions to the Animal Souls family!  Next up is a re-release of 'Soul Dance Redux' on May 6, and a brand new track 'Midnight Sky' due in early June." Please congratulate Animal Souls Music for being selected Artist Of The Month for May 2022! https://mixposure.com/animalsoulsmusic/audio


Song Of The Month is from Steve Aliment: "California":California


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