Big News! Ron Bowes Has A New CD Out Right Now

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By: JimsAE
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It is out! The new CD Nymphomania Blues from Ron D Bowes is out! 

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09/28/22 07:18:45PM @jessie-galante:
Thanks so much Michael for this honor and I appreciate your posting my story and sharing with your listeners! Jessie
09/21/22 08:21:28AM @ronbowes:
Farrell Jackson:
Happy Birthday Ron, ( 8/25/2022) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much obliged cuz ;-)

Farrell Jackson
08/25/22 11:44:15AM @farrell-jackson:
Happy Birthday Ron, ( 8/25/2022) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Farrell Jackson
08/01/22 12:26:38PM @farrell-jackson:
I've received the new Ron D. Bowes Nymphomania Blues CD and I have to say it is top notch from the packaging to the music! This cd captures everything I like about Ron's music. It is chocked full of rockin' blues but with a diversity of presentation that sets it apart from the standard. You'll definitely hear blues but there's also infectious melodies, choruses and cool backing vocals. Ron's gritty vocals and lyrics pulls one right in and keeps it interesting from the first note to the last. For blues lovers, there's plenty of blues guitar work and super harp playing. If it's jamming you like, it's got it! The 14 song, Nymphomania Blues CD, is a fun listen without any "B" sides in the bunch. I highly recommend this cd because it has something for everybody!

Farrell Jackson

carol sue
07/18/22 02:48:47PM @carol-sue:
I never gave you permission to use my image for your cover. haha!!
Good to see you have kept yourself rockin' in the indie music!
Forever a fan, I am, I am! :)

bill b
07/17/22 03:28:17PM @:
Doh!?! Trying to use sex to sell music!
What's next? Brand avatars?
Honestly, good luck with that one Ron.
Good Greif! ;-)

Farrell Jackson
07/16/22 11:54:22AM @farrell-jackson:
I ordered mine and can't wait to get it!!!!!!!!!!!
07/15/22 07:39:09PM @jimsae:
You're welcome!
07/15/22 07:24:33PM @ronbowes:
Many thanks for the promo. ;-)


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