Keith Spinney
Keith Spinney
Keith Spinney

The Sun Should Shine So Bright

album: Eugene
genre: Modern Country
streams: 424

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Another song about love.  Written by Keith Spinney 
The Sun Should Shine So Bright
06/05/19 09:33:37PM @lornacruz:
Oh damn! Awesome lyrics and vocal. Love it!
carol sue
05/27/19 07:59:37AM @carol-sue:
Happy that you're sharing your musical talents with us!
This song and performance is simply over the top of excellence.
Bravo! ***** Welcome to Mixposure!! :)

05/26/19 09:51:56PM @keithsmusic:
Thanks everyone! I removed the for sale price so the whole song plays.
Thunder Wheel
05/25/19 11:05:39PM @thunder-wheel:
Love this song. Great lyrics and melody.
05/24/19 05:02:26PM @cugel:
Great song writing skills on show here. I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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