Today The Day

album: TBD
genre: Alternative
streams: 45
creation date: 2020-11-13

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When will peace and joy appear...draw you near?Here! I wait to see the nighttaking flight. That I mightSee rightthroughThe abyssAnd not missYou. When will...
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An old track, redone.
Today The Day
Gary Dabrowski
08/04/21 06:31:26PM @gary-dabrowski:
beautiful song Kephas!...I know you can't see this comment...but thanks for leaving this behind for us!
01/04/21 08:10:33PM @wricky:
For the good times at his radio shows , for the wisdom of his words and music , for his humble spirit , for his string savvy with a guitar , for all that and more , RK was a heckuva guy , he weaved his reverence and spirit into everyday life , not just his music and touched many lives ,i am sure of that. Celebrate


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