kevin woog Band
kevin woog Band

I don't like to, but I do

album: Angel of Mercy
genre: Blues
streams: 28
creation date: 2023-03-15

I don't like to, but I do
03/23/23 10:41:19PM @moequinn:
This song is growing on me (so the saying goes) got a good beat & great lyrics ~ my "bad" habits....I don't even consider to be's just another side of me that few people know about....& as you say....sure makes life interesting...
going to DL this song also to put on my current playlist...& listen to as I am cruisin' about town

kevin woog Band
03/22/23 09:04:41PM @kevin-woog-band:
Hi Gary, Thank you for listening to one of my songs. Yeah, I think we all have our " bad" habits . Oh well, sure makes life interesting!
Gary Dabrowski
03/18/23 12:55:28PM @gary-dabrowski:
cool blues-rocker here get rid of them vices, and you (same for me) will be perfect!...hehe


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