I know you understand that at a certain unpredictable time, too much time passes between works Don't let that allow you to count me out yet. I have so much to offer yet. I love to make anyone moved in some way. This legitimizes my awaited passion. Bad decisions have gone and wrote a book on me and it took me aback a few years. Soon it will be over. If you are going through this at all. Just wait, It'll come back. This is the third time for me which adds up to about twenty years of building, not wasted time. Don't forget that I truly love you all so much and I had to share this before bedtime.. Rich

just me

By lodato, 2017-12-22

'goodbye' is a tune that has always calmed me. There are tunes I feel embarrassed about because there's a stigma to liking your own music. It's laughable in general public as a joke of loneliness. Sad world.

settling down

By lodato, 2016-02-28

settling down


we return

we have expectations

how things will feel

will be

and we’re always wrong

in light ways

nothing major

what’s this about, you ask?

well, to be honest

it’s to connect with you

At times, I feel apart



but another sun rises

another beginning

another chance


oh how I so soon forget that

the thing that kept me from dying

I took a chance

chance offered itself

I was on a good day to notice

..a force maybe wanted me to stay?

yeah, I like the way that sounds..

have a good one

have one for me

I’ll have one for you.

love ya,


It's not laziness. It's business.

By lodato, 2015-01-31

Ya know, I know I could be more actve but I try to stay intuned. The site is so huge, thank goodness!!!. It seems overwhelming. But in reality, it really isn't. Just the opposite in fact. I love all the talent and sometimes I listen without commenting. I'm hoping the same is done with my music, but not all the time.. I love feedback! I just want to let everyone know, it's okay to just listen. Just every now and then. leave a note. You know you like it. So do I. So I do it when the mood strikes. I have a couple of other sites that I'm involved with. One of which demands my attention, But I feel this site is doing well and that makes me feel so good and less guilty when I'm knee deep somewhere else. I love Mixposure and you have let me know I'm appreciated and then some... More reason to please you. It's the way I want to be treated. We'll all be so much more inclined to take part without fear of rejection when we get feedback. You get what you give. So give. Even if it's one comment a week. It adds up and makes my day when I get a thumbs up or needed help. it will make your day too.

hate deleting songs

By lodato, 2012-07-26

<p>but i have to in order to put the new ones on..</p>

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Not for every ear.

By lodato, 2011-06-16
Not for every ear.

<p>I found out a long time ago not to take anything personally when it comes to my music. You know how you get all excited when you create something new and you're all alone a need to share it like a fix and you tweak it and make sure everything is in it's proper place and then put it on the net and select a few choosen sites and wait for all the praise... doesn't usually happen that way. Enter, anger, then confusion, then what did I do wrong?.. Well, my friends, in a word, nothing. There's an amazing amount of music out there now that sprang from the digital age and old ways of thinking still linger in the back of everyone's ego. Must have been passed down from your folks or friends or who knows?.. The thing is, these days, if you're not in it for the music inside you needing to get out and it is what it is, then you're fu--ed. So don't think no one cares or that you're not good enough. I hear so many artists on this site that are nothing short of amazing with little to no comment or plays. Just know the next time you don't feel like listening or commenting on otheres work, they may feel the same way.</p><p>Many blessing to all.</p><p>Rich</p>

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